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How Quantum Teleportation work ?

  1. Jan 6, 2006 #1
    I recently read about the quantum teleportation but I don't understand how it work and what theory is is using to explain this phenomenon . Can anyone explain to me what theory it use and how its work ?:smile:
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    Quantum teleportation is a way to transfer information between different physical systems. This information is embodied by the state of a quantum system, that is a system described by quantum physics. Essential to teleportation is entanglement and interference.

    The novelty of teleportation is that dual communication channels are used for information transfer. One channel is a quantum channel, established by preparing a pair of entangled particles. Let's label these particles 1 and 2.

    Subjecting particle 1 and particle 0, i.e. the particle with the information, to a Bell-state measurement , will project the combined state of particles 1 and 2 into one of the four Bell-states. Meanwhile, this measurement will leave particle 2 in a state resembling that of particle 0.

    However, to complete the teleportation protocol, the result of the measurement must be communicated to the recipient of particle 2, who will necessarily apply a (unitary) transformation to the state of particle 2. Without this last step, which necessitates a classical communication channel, the intended information transferred is unknown to the recipient.

    The latter requirement of classical communication is also the reason teleportation is said to not permit faster-than-light signaling.

    Please note that quantum teleportation is not a way to transfer physical systems, but rather the information encoded by those systems.
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    I really don't think the OP understands what you are trying to say here. You do not explain his question, you are just redirecting the question to "what is a Bell measurement/state" ? You must try to explain this topic in an easy understandable and above all, clear, language. This is very possible.


    edit : the attached worddoc is my own attempt to answer the question.
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