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How should I approach this question?

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    A K+ ion and a Cl- ion are directly across from each other on opposite sides of a membrane 7.9 nm thick. What is the electric force on the K+ ion due to the Cl- ion? Ignore the presence of other charges.


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    hmmm... do you know coulomb law? [tex]E=\frac{q}{|r_1-r_2|^2}[/tex]
    and [tex]F=qE[/tex]
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    Yes, but all that is given in the problem is "r". How do I find "q"?
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    The q is just the value of -e i think.
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    HINT: What do the "+" and "-" mean in K+ and Cl-?
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    Ohhh, ok. Thanks a bunch guys.
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