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How the distance between upper and bottom wishbone is important

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    How the distance between upper and bottom wishbone is important. I design 3D model of tilt light car and I have problem with 3d model because I can't place the top front wishbone high. In technical view and dynamic aspect, what's happen if I place the top front wishbone lower, decrease its width and position knuckle asymmetric in the wheel, how much knuckle could be position low inside in the wheel
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    Ranger Mike

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    o n this forum see

    race car suspension class Jul22-09, 12:03 PM
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    Car 101 - Go back to Enzo's GTO and look at that. OK, you might think that a 12 cylinder gas engine would be really heavy. Think that over again. Surely that car might be heavy enough to cause problems on the track - think that over, too. All aluminum body-panels and welded steel-tubed frames took care of that. Front-end geometry is rather trivial when compared to some of the issues that car designers dealt with over 40 years ago.
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