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An Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) is an area identified using an internationally agreed set of criteria as being globally important for the conservation of bird populations.
IBA was developed and sites are identified by BirdLife International. Currently there are over 13,000 IBAs worldwide. These sites are small enough to be entirely conserved and differ in their character, habitat or ornithological importance from the surrounding habitat. In the United States the Program is administered by the National Audubon Society.Often IBAs form part of a country's existing protected area network, and so are protected under national legislation. Legal recognition and protection of IBAs that are not within existing protected areas varies within different countries. Some countries have a National IBA Conservation Strategy, whereas in others protection is completely lacking.

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  1. bhobba

    I Cosmic Test Reveals Odd Findings for Einstein's Relativity

    In my news feed this morning, I got the following story: https://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-tested-einsteins-relativity-on-a-cosmic-scale-and-found-something-odd Sounded important, so I thought I would get the actual paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2107.12992 Am I missing something? It is...
  2. M

    What are the most important secrets of physics today?

    Hello. I wonder about the most important secrets of physics today. Once it was the "secrets of atom". Countries were in a race to be the first to do "atomic bomb." For that reason, America started the Manhattan Project. Similary, do you know names of the most important developments of physics...
  3. Vossi

    Properties that are important to Worm Wheel functions

    From what I've gather the primary benefits to worm wheels are: - their ability to provide high reduction ratios - self-locking which can be useful for hoisting and lifting applications. - Operates silently and smoothly, which reduces vibrations Feel free to add any important ones I might've...
  4. elad katzir

    Studying What math tools are especially important for physics majors?

    hi all! I'm a first-year second-semester physics major, problem is I'm very weak at math, often not getting questions right just because I get stuck with the mathematics part. this affects me in both mechanics and electricity what are the most important math subject and tools needed for physics...
  5. C

    Most Fundamental or Important Class for Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering

    Summary:: I am looking to take a engineering classes relevant to mechanical and or aerospace engineering. I am challenging my assumption that Statics & Dynamics is the most important and foundational/fundamental course to either mechanical or aerospace engineering (maybe fluid dynamics for...
  6. J

    What are the most important questions in science?

    Summary:: Requesting Your Ranking: https://www.npr.org/sections/13.7/2013/09/10/221019045/the-10-most-important-questions-in-science In the above https are the ten most important questions in science suggested by NPR--I totally agree. So, my request is, especially from our more qualified...
  7. K

    What are the important things to consider when building a house?

    Summary:: What is the important thing to consider a factor for build a house ? I am a civil engineering student and I have a question about What is the important thing to consider a factor for build a house ?
  8. issue

    Important help on the subject of polynomials of binomial arrangement

    [Mentor Note -- Multiple threads merged. @issue -- please do not cross-post your threads] Hi, everyone It is known that binomial distribution can also be solved by polynomials. i add document with a question I can not solve. Glad to get for help Thanks to all the respondents
  9. CallMeDirac

    Who was the most influential and important physicist?

    Who, in your opinion was or is the most influential physicist. Was it Feynman and his diagrams and lectures. Was it Dirac with his work on positrons. Was it Einstein and his general relativity. Who do you think and why.
  10. core1985

    Very Important Question Regarding Embroidery and Magnifying glass

    I want to ask that if i use light head magnifying glass is it safe? For embroidery or an idea came to my mind that why not I use Webcam and a big display like 23 inch and then focus webcam on my embroidery and see on my LCD I have also reflector glasses to avoid eye strain totally ? . Because in...
  11. AndreasC

    I What are the most important phenomena that the Standard Model can't explain?

    I guess the crux of the question is, where are we more likely to encounter new physics? The standard model already explains almost every experimental result, but not EVERY result. But what are some of the most important results that are either incompatible with the standard model or just...
  12. Boltzman Oscillation

    The important non-fundamental electrical components?

    Through my 2 analog classes and 2 electronics classes I have learned about resistors, inductors, capacitors, BJTs, Mosfets, and FETS. What are some other fundamental components that I should be taking a look at? To add to this, I don't consider gates as fundamental because they are built up from...
  13. P

    I Choice of signature important for superluminal 4-velocity? (Minkowski)

    I guess my question boils down to "Is choice of signature important when dealing with superluminal 4-velocities"? I wanted to show for superluminal velocities that ##\tilde{U} = \left( \frac{c}{\sqrt{\frac{u^2}{c^2} - 1}}, \frac{\dot{x}}{\sqrt{\frac{u^2}{c^2} - 1}}...
  14. Eclair_de_XII

    Do you think diversification in a student's curriculum is important?

    Hypothetically, say Student A is required only to take subjects falling under his or her major in order to graduate. And suppose that Student A chooses to focus on only those subjects relating to that major. Let's say now, that there is a Student B, who shares the same major as Mr. A. Student B...
  15. O

    I How important is our number system for science?

    I know that our laws are as far as the logic goes Universal? Now, can we use other ancient number systems and come up with the same results, or is the success of all the recent science dependent on the efficiency of Hindu Numerals ? Is the logic of all mathematics based on Hindu numerals , and...
  16. A

    A What are the most important open questions in classical physics?

    As the tittle say. I've been out of touch with many branch of non-quantum non-relativistic physics and I would like to know what people that work in these areas would say are the most important or interesting current trents of research in classical physics.
  17. A

    History What are the most important physics publications in history?

    Summary:: What are the most important physics publications in history according to you? thanks in advance :)
  18. F

    Math How important is it to understand math?

    Hey, I'm a senior in a high school in Canada and I'm thinking of pursuing mathematics and philosophy in university. I'm quite interested in mathematics and philosophy but I am also interested in lots of other topics. The main reasons that I want to study math and philosophy at university is...
  19. binbagsss

    Engineering How important is the choice of university for postgrad research?

    i've been offered a place where the supervisor's phd students tend to publish at least four times before graduating with their PhD, however it's not a university I would have selected for my undergrad studies, to put it that way. But I've noticed a lot of such places, including this one, seem to...
  20. H

    Why is the correct polarity important with AC?

    Hi! I was watching some random videos about electricity on you youtube and then got this question: if AC changes direction constantly (50 times per second) then why is it still important to connect live to live and neutral to neutral in wall outlets? For example some wall outlets have different...
  21. Quantum Alchemy

    Is the Quantum/Classical Boundary the most important question in Physics?

    I have been reading Sean Carroll's recent book called Something Deeply Hidden where he advocates a Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. I was thinking that the most important question in all of Physics might be is everything quantum or is there a quantum/classical boundary. If we...
  22. Suppaman

    B What parameters of physics are most important to the existence of life?

    The universe after the big event was a lot of lifeless stuff. However, as things settled down the rules behind the curtain were such that life was allowed to develop, they may have even been such that they encouraged the things to happen that were conducive to the process that has resulted in...
  23. mesa

    What are the most important parts of the job for a reactor operator?

    Hey guys, what would you say are the most important aspects of the job of being a nuclear reactor operator?
  24. K

    I Succeed in Learning Relativity: Transport, Frames, Tensors

    How much essential is it to learn concepts such as - different types of transport of vectors, like Fermi Walker and Parallel transport; - different frames (basis vectors); - tensor densities and integrations To put it another way, do they play a important role in the theory? If one for some...
  25. T

    I What makes the interpretations of Quantum Mechanics so important?

    How valid is the statement "It means physics is ultimately concerned with descriptions of the real world" in the realm of QM? Heretic question, what is "real" besides the outcome of the measurement?
  26. Suppaman

    B What is the important scale of things in the Universe?

    Summary: How is the universe best viewed considering the great difference between smallest and largets things? I am not sure how to phrase this question so forgive me if it is all wrong. I have noticed that science is doing a lot with small, very small things. They also do a lot with big...
  27. bagasme

    Testing Quadratics as Important Chapter for SAT Math

    Hello, Recently I viewed a blog post about SAT Math preparation. It stated that quadratics is the chapter which is most asked in SAT, and if I don't master the chapter, I can't answer most SAT problems. IMO, this statement above implied that quadratics (quadratic equation) is the core chapter...
  28. SJay16

    B What’s more “important": GR or QM?

    Let’s say to the average Astronomer conducting research; generalizing the research to “astronomy” ; which would be more useful for the “average” Astronomer on a day to day basis: Quantum Mechanics or General Relativity? Obviously most are, but which so more? Which would be referred to more?
  29. S

    How important is it to keep an air motor warm?

    My plan is to use the compressor at work as a free ride to and from work. I want to install an air tank (a rated one, not an improvised one) onto a bicycle and then run an air motor to turn the wheel (with whatever gears etc needed to make it work). I will probably be using an air tool, such as...
  30. S

    Are Updates Necessary for Device Functionality?

    I seem to be constantly bombarded with updates on my desktop, tablet, and cellphone, for the operating system, apps, you name it. Should I be allowing them, or blocking as many as I can (like I have been doing)? Do they provide some benefit, or do they cause unanticipated problems for devices...
  31. Zhang Bei

    I The Commutator of Vector Fields: Explained & Examples

    Hi, I'm just starting to read Wald and I find the notion of the commutator hard to grasp. Is it a computation device or does it have an intuitive geometric meaning? Can anyone give me an example of two non-commutative vector fields? Thanks!
  32. MichPod

    I Why protective measurement is important to understand psi?

    Why protective measurement is important to understand whether the wave function is the ontic property of a single particle and not of the ensabmle of similarly prepared particles? I need some help with understanding the following topic (which is currently above my level so I may easily miss...
  33. astroman707

    Admissions What’s the most important factor in graduate admissions?

    I want to get a poll going... When U.S graduate schools consider applicants for physics, what are the most important factors they consider in admissions? —RANK THEM— *Consider both theoretical and applied applicants.
  34. S

    I Black Hole Stability Conjecture: Why Is It Important?

    I am working on a presentation for a course in general relativity and my topic is the stability of black holes. In many of the references and articles that I have found, the author asserts the importance of the conjecture but offers no reason. So I ask: Why is the black hole stability conjecture...
  35. P

    Courses Is particle physics that important?

    Hey! I will start my third year on the theoretical physics program. I have taken an introduction course in particle physics, just the basics, not much math. (quark and Feynman diagrams the forces and interaction , CRM matrix and cabibbo angle etc. ) Now I'm choosing between relativistic...
  36. K

    Schools Is ABET accreditation really important?

    I'm looking at a few schools to transfer to and one that interest me is Benedict college. I was doing some research online about the school and come to find out I haven't seen anything about the engineering programs being abet accredited. Is abet accreditation really important when it comes to...
  37. jedishrfu

    B Attention: We have an important announcement from our Sun

    Close your eyes and listen to this clip. It may sound like a Tibetan meditation bowl or a giant cosmic didgeridoo, but it's actually the sun! Kind of. A group of very poetic scientists from NASA and the ESA (The European Space Agency) used data from NASA's Solar and Heliospehric Observatory to...
  38. P

    T-Cell Loss and Mortality: A Critical Examination

    Can a percentage of total and immediate (hypothetical sub 1 second) T-Cell loss cause death to a typical adult? What percentage of hypothetical immediate loss would yield rapid death under 1 minute? What would the most likely cause of death be? What size is a typical T-Cell in µM^3 ? Is...
  39. joyxx

    Why are transformers important to electric power distribution

    Homework Statement Give two reasons why transformers are an important part of the power distribution grid My lessons don't have any information regarding this topic. I have read everything in my lesson and can't find anything to answer this question. please help. thank you
  40. Wrichik Basu

    Studying Is learning derivations of formulae always very important?

    I understand that it is useful to learn and remember the derivations of formulae in most cases. However, I tend to forget the derivations of several formulae, especially those in optics and dynamics. For a moment, let's forget the examinations. I wish to pursue higher studies in applied...

    B Why is it Important that something is a vector space?

    hi I am studying algebra and i have a question. why is important that something is a vector space?, i mean, what implications have? matrix, complex numbers , functions , n-tuples. What do these have in common, apart from being a vector space? why is so important that a certain set of...
  42. Grands

    How important is the work done by people who work in finance?

    Hi guys. Due to the reason that I do not have a great knowledge related to finance, I wanted to ask if someone can simply explain me how important is for the society, the work of the people that work in the finance. How their job is useful for the people? Thanks Grands.
  43. E

    Job Skills The most important factors to land a job

    I want to make this a general question: what is/are the most important factor(s) that determines if an applicant to a job will be at least a candidate (selected for an interview). Is it previous professional experience? Is it credentials? Is it professional/personal projects? Is it networking...
  44. G

    Important to know what is myth and propaganda

    To learn the real physics, you need to know what is myth and propaganda. For example, How high can you jump on the moon? Understanding Physics, we can estimate the height and the friction to the boot against the ground. Having the correct Physics, you can tell which one Hollywood like the movie...
  45. L

    Courses How important is physics in computer science?

    I was looking at assist.org. A website for community college students that lists the courses you need to take at a CC in order to transfer to a UC or CSU. I'm a CompSci major, and realized that everyone of the articulation agreements required 3-4 quarters of Physics. I'm just wondering, why is...
  46. Grands

    Programs How important is the master's degree in the USA?

    I've seen that a lots of people end his carrier as a student without doing the master degree, and my question is, how much this one in important in the USA? For example in Italy is very hard to find a job with only a bachelor's degree, and probably it will be underpaid, cause the bachelor's...
  47. T

    A What Are the Key Unresolved Issues in the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model?

    Hi! My question is for people familiar with the two-Higgs-doublet model (2HDM). What phenomenological or theoretical problems of this model are important to work on? I am a postgraduate student. I have studied the Higgs sector of the Standard Model (SM) and the Higgs sectors of some of its...