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How to apply force on fence in Ansys Workbench 14

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    I have a box, the bottom and the four walls are made of grid. I wan to apply load in the box and see how the bottom and the four walls deform (and stress too). How can I do it? I do not want to apply a force to each wire vertically and horizontally. I want to apply a load to the bottom and the walls lika applying pressure to a surface. Thanks in advance.
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    gu93togi: Let the pressure you want to apply be p. Compute force F = p*A, where A = area of each grid. Select all wire intersection nodes on one box side, and apply force F to each node. Repeat for each box side and the bottom. See if this might work for you.
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    I can not select all wires at the same time and apply force to them. I have to select the wire one by one. It is a way to select all wires at once and apply same force to all of them? Thank you in advance.
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