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How to attach a picture or diagram?

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    Can someone tell me what is the best way to attach a picture or diagram on my posts? Something that shows on my post without the reader having to open an attachment??
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    Open a photobucket account, upload the image to photobucket, then copy and paste the "IMG" address here, like this: (click "quote" to see the link info)


    Photobucket has a photo editor where you can resize larger images down to post-sized scale.
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    If you're using Chrome, you can pretty much right click on any image in the web browser, hit the "open image in new tab," and the image will show up on its own page. Copy the hyperlink and then just paste it into the "insert image" tab.


    See, I just did it.
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    @DiracPool and Micromass-- thanks guys :) Let me give it a whirl

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    one final shot

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    ok --thank you so much all of you. Sorry for all errors
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    Just FYI, Gloo, I deleted your thread in the General Physics forum. If something like that happens again you can hit the "report" button to flag it for us moderators so we can delete it.
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    oh ok...thank you. I was wondering how to delete the thread :)

    My apologies and thanks.
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