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Confusion about posting pictures

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    I need a little help please. (I'm using Chrome on WIndows 10)

    When I want to post a picture from my own PC, I get confused by multiple methods and inconsistent results.

    1) I can use copy/paste, that shows the image when drafting the message, but when viewed in preview it is replaced with "View attachment xxxxxx", and after posting, it is replaced with a box with X in it. That's causes anxiety when the appearance when posted is not WYSIWYG with the appearance of the post in draft.

    2) I can use the "Upload" button. That seems to give the same result as copy/paste.

    3) I can upload the picture to the PF media library, then copy the URL, then click on the picture icon in the draft toolbar, then paste the URL in as the URL for the picture. That seems to work in draft/preview/posted modes, but it is very cumbersome.

    I note that there is a size limit on uploads. Might the image size effect the outcome?

    A bit of explanation and a recommendation for the best method would be appreciated.

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    No idea about the internal, technical details, but I use the Upload approach - and after upload I click on the FULL IMAGE button to put the image in the message body. Yes, the image is hidden from the preview, but is OK when the post goes live.

    I am not sure if the copy/paste uploads the image to the server, perhaps they are visible only locally.

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    #2 is what should be used
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    Because of ancient Romans.

    (L stands for levorotatory and D stands for dextrorotatory. Note: that the D-/L- nomenclature system used in biochemistry doesn't actually classify molecules based on the direction they rotate plane polarized light as the names would suggest.)
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    [sigh] You know, I was really trying to avoid learning tonight. :frown:
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    And there you are, having learned not one, but two things: the above, plus the important fact that

    asking a question leads to learning !​

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