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How to avoid aliasing problems on a 600x600 DPI printer?

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    Wasn't sure where to post this so thought I would post it in general. How do I avoid aliasing problems on a 600x600 DPI printer?
    Kind regards.
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    Without knowing exactly what the aliasing problem is, I can't tell.
    As a guess, you might want to make small adjustments to the scale.
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    It's difficult to explain. I'm making diffraction gratings using the printer mentioned and transparent overhead projector sheets. The lines I plot however have jagged edges and if I plot them too closely they will merge into one. How close can I plot them and still get the best quality diffraction gratings and thus diffraction patterns and how do I combat the jagged edge problem?
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    Generate a Black and White (no gray scale) BMP file at the full 600dpi resolution. Then print it at exactly 100% scale.
    What you will get is whatever jaggedness you see in the BMP. But you will be using the resolution of the printer to its fullest.
    As I said in the other thread, what you might want to do it print the diffraction pattern (hologram) at a large scale, and then use film photography to bring it down to the proper scale.
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    600DPI doesn't necessarily mean the dots are 1/600th of an inch, just that they are spaced at 1/600th of an inch.

    What resolution are the images you are printing from? They must be massive?
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    Laser? Inkjet?
    Printer model?
    Can you post photo or scan of the output?
    Are you using a vector graphic language like postscript?
    If you are using a raster image, is it lossless?
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