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How to become a domain registrar

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    How can i become a domain registerater n start selling domains?
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    ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) coordinates domain name registration. If you wanted to become a registrar you would first have to be accredited by ICANN. Check their website for more information: www.icann.org

    This page describes the accreditation process:
    There is a non-refundable US $2,500 application fee.
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    Well you could buy a second level domain like: domain.com and sell subdomains of this. I cant think of anyone who would actually buy those, you may need to host the Authority for domain.com as well, so further investment.

    You will also need a static Routable IP address to point to your Domian Name, and anyone who buys domains from you, and of course the DNS server that will be the Authority.

    Look put it this way, the barriers to entry of this market are huge, the costs are significant, its very technical and specialised, and there is hardly an exit strategy. There is a very good reason why only Telecom companies really do this, and not posters on BB Boards
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    lol $2500!!

    I have to start my own internet scam for this!! :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Anyway, Thanks for the info
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    There is virtually no profit in it. Most companies that offer domain name registration offer the domains for almost nothing as perks to get people to buy their profitable services such as e-mail boxes and web hosting. Anttech is correct, it is an administrative nightmare and costly to maintain.
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    It would be easier, cheaper and more reliable to build a system off of some other existing providers, such as GoDaddy. Say GoDaddy charges $8.95/year, you'd charge $11.99 or something and throw in a web based Name Server editor. Then purchase the domain off of GoDaddy and deliver it to the user for a $3 profit.
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    A whole $3 ??? what a markup :smile:
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