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How to become an astrophysicist or an astronomer ?

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    Hello, guys.. i Need a little help here...

    My name is Kavin and i'm from Malaysia... See, i want to be an astrophysicist but i don't know how to be one. I know my first step would be to do diploma in physics. Since i can't do that in Malaysia ( because that course doesn't exist here ), i have to go abroad. Now, can anyone tell me a university or somewhere i can do a diploma in physics with SCHOLARSHIP provided...?

    Secondly, i'm still confused with the basic thing.. I know this may sound irritating but what is the difference between and astrophysicist and a astronomer. Let me get this clear, i want to go to space and at the same time i want to study about it too... So what shall i be, an astrophysicist or and astronomer or both..?

    Thirdly, where does an astronomer or an astrophysicist work ?.. what do they do for a living.. i just still don get the point.. Are both occupations, first of all ?... and who will i have to work for if i become one..., who will hire me.?
    I've tried Nasa's webpage but it doesn't say anything about astronaut or astrophysics...

    I'm still confused... any information about this are most welcome..!
    Thanks anyway...!
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    as my father said if you like what you do you will be good at it ,it seams to me you do not know what you want ,read basic books and see first if it is for you ,i mean if it intrests you then take it farther . it would be an awfull shame to come all the way to dublin ,london to the discover o sh1t this is not for me ,,,,,by the way im a metal fabricator/engineere i thought i wanted to be in the navy untill i joined and then left and went back to collage,that my advise
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