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How to break down Dichlorodifluoromethane

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    Hi people, I was wondering what method could I use to break down such a bond. Thanks for answering
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    Dissolving metal reduction like Na/NH3, UV photolysis and thermal come to mind.
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    Just a warning on this, as better to be safe than sorry. Please be aware that dichlorodifluoromethane decomposes into phosgene gas--a highly toxic and deadly nerve agent--at temperatures above about 1000 deg. F. Also free chlorine gas can be liberated under the right conditions as well. Please be careful!
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    how does that decompose into phosphine? where would the phosphorus come from?
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    I think he said phosgene which is O=C(Cl)2, the fully chlorinated analog of formaldehyde.

    It could happen in the presence of oxygen.
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