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  1. S

    I Solutions that break the Lorentz invariance...?

    I was reading a discussion where some physicists participated* where the topic of Lorentz invariance violations occurring in cosmology is mentioned. There, they mention that we can imagine a Lorentz-violating solution to the cosmological equations. What do they mean by that? Can anyone specify...
  2. P

    B Cherenkov Radiation -- How does this not break causality?

    Hi, I want to try to solve this puzzle in my head. They say that faster than c travel would break causality. And yet particles can travel through a medium faster than light can in that medium. But surely if that can happen then a particle can arrive at a place faster than information about the...
  3. C

    Studying Is studying for 30 minutes then taking a break actually effective?

    Is there a net gain (in knowledge and memory) if I study physics for 30 minutes then take a say, 10 minute break vs working for 40 minutes? Many thanks!
  4. T

    I How does a process of a Raman transition break quantum entanglement?

    I'm reading this article about quantum entanglement, and the author writes about a process in a Raman transition which would break the entanglement, and I'm interested about how it breaks the entanglement. So the passage which I'm interested in begins with: "The answer is to do an operation...
  5. A

    Break a Stick Example: Random Variables

    Hello, I would like to confirm my answers to the following random variables question. Would anyone be willing to provide feedback and see if I'm on the right track? Thank you in advance. My attempt:
  6. M

    Engineering Calculating Tx and Inertia at Break and After Break | Simple Physics Formulas

    At break Tx=ma a(initial)=Tx/pi.r^2.density After break Ix=m/12.(3r^2+h^2) Iy=same as above Iz=mr^2/2T(inertia)=Iz/a=mr^2/a=0at 1 second delta L=v(initial).delta t+1/2at^2 =1/2a(1)^2 =a/2T(inertia)=[(a/2)(pi.r^2)(density)r^2]/a =(pi.r^4.density)/2...
  7. Andre

    A Presentation: Venus hot break hypothesis

    The idea will be presented at the ancient Venus conference https://www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/ancientvenus2022/pdf/ancientvenus2022_program.htm Houston 25 Jul. The abstract: https://www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/ancientvenus2022/pdf/2024.pdf Some of the earliest members may remember a thread about...
  8. C

    I Why didn't the wrecking ball smash his head?

    [Mentor Note -- post appears to have been edited based on post #2] Hello everyone! I was watching a Walter Lewin lecture and saw him do something very dangerous, he released a wrecking ball at a certain height from the ground, upon returning the ball did not smash his head. If you watch the...
  9. S

    I Would infinite entropy break all symmetries?

    If the Universe could somehow reach a state of infinite entropy (or at least a state of extremely high entropy), would all fundamental symmetries of the physical laws (gauge symmetries, Lorentz symmetry, CPT symmetry, symmetries linked to conservation principles...etc) fail to hold or be...
  10. VictorMedvil

    I How Do You Break Quantum Entanglement Bonds?

    I was doing some research into quantum entanglement but it is never well described how you break the bonds once they are formed does anyone have any expertise in this area on how to break quantum entanglement bonds? The best that I can understand is the bond is broken when interaction with the...
  11. D

    Star Opacity and Balmer Break

    I am not sure where to start for this. Considering it needs to be demonstrate Balmer Break, I am assuming it needs to be wavelength based. As a result I am assuming I cannot use mean (Kramers) Opacity but rather express in terms of Opacity k= n*sigma/rho. My thoughts are to use Boltzmann...
  12. B

    B Why don't boxers' skulls shatter from the forces of punches?

    Hi All, My question is in relation to forces that can come through movement. For example, the skull is stated to take around 520 pounds of force or around 2000N: https://www.virginialeenlaw.com/help/how-much-force-can-a-human-skull-withstand.html However, boxers can punch well in excess of...
  13. G

    Possibilities of being able to break known biological limitations

    Hello, so to give some background context to my question, I was playing around with thought puzzles in my head about the many-worlds interpretation of quantum and the notion that all possible variants would come about. I ended up arriving at a place where I wondered if it were possible for the...
  14. hutchphd

    I Room Temp Super Conductor: Break Out the Champagne?

    Summary is from abstract in Nature. Anybody know whether this is a big deal ?. It looks technically challenging (very high pressure) but great oaks from little acorns. I'm not current in superconductivity.🔎...
  15. K

    Will steam generated inside an oven not break it?

    Disclaimer first: Though the question is around cooking, IMO it certainly is to with physics / engineering. Yet, if the admins find this post inappropriate, pl. delete it. I am planning to make some rice cakes which is prepared by steaming a mix of rice powder and water. Because I don't have...
  16. Y

    Does creating fire break lines work to control forest fires?

    I really don't want to get into politics, I am sick and tired of smelling and breathing the smoke from the forest fire in N Calif even I am living in the silicon valley. Trump said because Calif refuse to clear fire break lines, clear the debriefs, then once the fire started, there is no break...
  17. L

    I When does the ideal gas equation break down?

    P1/V1/T1 = P2 V2 /T2 is derived from the ideal gas equation. However it is stated that this equation breaks down at very high pressures and at very low temperatures. Does anyone know what kind of pressures and temperatures we are talking about here?
  18. BasileDiver

    Analyzing the Impact of a Falling Chain on a Round Sling in Marine Environments

    Hello everyone! I am a commercial diver working in the Northsea. I happened to be very curious but unfortunately I forgot bits and pieces from my formal education and that stops me from answering my question. I don’t think that this question will be a big problem for you and that is the reason...
  19. J

    If you break the laws of physics, do you go to jail?

    If you break the laws of physics, do you go to jail?
  20. gaurav_samanta

    Can heat transfer break an equilibrium?

    Here is one scenario: I have placed a metal in my room which is at room temperature. Air has little much heat capacity and metals don't like to store heat. Would heat transfer occur? Whatif I set the temperature of both to a certain degree where it crosses heat capacity of metal but not of air?
  21. R

    System with Pulleys and a Rope That Might Break

    I tried to solve The system of torque as following. I labelled pulley one is the one in the left, and two as the one on the right. α=a/R t1=(-F+T1) R=MR^/2α. So -F+T=Ma/2 for pulley 2 (T1-T2)R=MR^2/2. So T1-T2=Ma/2 for The box T2-mg=ma add the last two equation, to get that T1-mg=Ma/2+ma...
  22. S

    MHB Computer Company's Break Even Point: 30000 Computers

    Dear All, Please help me. A computer company plans to produce 30000 computer next year. They will sell for \$700 each. The fixed cost of operation care \$5000000 total variable cost are \$6000000. What is the break even point?
  23. F

    I Why a massive body is easier to break than a tiny body?

    Why a massive body is easier to break than a tiny body despite the force bonding two particle is the same?
  24. G

    Exploring the Possibilities of a Martian Prison Break During a Solar Storm

    While The martian written by Andy Weir is a really hard stuff, but the effects of the storm at the beginning arent. But i wonder could a real solar/sandstorm actually help a prison break on Mars (from a remote penal colony)? Could it mask tracks in the dust? Could it create enough interference...
  25. K

    Courses Taking Intro to Differential Equations after a break from school

    I'm currently an undergrad student who had to take a break from school for over a year and its been around 3 or 4 years since I took Calc I - Calc III and Linear Algebra. I'm debating on taking a introduction to differential equations course as an elective that starts in a couple weeks when I...
  26. P

    Physics Experiment: Jerk & Inertia | Solving for dA/dt

    There is this experiment my high school teacher showed in physics class. You are probably aware of it (from practicalphysics.org) There is a video of a teacher actually doing the experiment here: https://sites.google.com/site/haatscience/physics/221-the-effect-of-inertia Gradually pull the...
  27. N

    How to break up kinetic energy for circular motion?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations L = T-V For constant frequency tangential velocity is (radius)*(w) The Attempt at a Solution I need to find r(t) using the Langrangian L = T-V I just was not sure whether I am on the right track for calculating the total kinetic energy for the above...
  28. V

    What is the liquid used to break stone slabs?

    Hi guys, I have seen in my village that there is one guy who is heating up the stone slab for few mins with gas cylinder fire and after few mins. he pouring some liquid on that heated part. Immediately that part becomes break small pieces. He removes them and again heating up and pouring that...
  29. V

    Tarzan swinging on a vine -- At what angle does the vine break?

    Homework Statement Tarzan who weighs 688 N swings from a cliff at the end of a vine 18 m long. From the top of the cliff to the bottom of the swing he descends by 3.2 m. The vine will break if the force exceeds 700 N. Find the angle with the vertical at which the vine breaks. Homework...
  30. J

    A Does it make sense to break T duality at fundamental level?

    https://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0605250 Here is an attempt to make bohmian mechanics compatible with string theory. It posits that T duality breaks at the fundamental level, and that the is no minimal length in the theory. Does this proposal make sense?
  31. Telemachus

    I Fermi-Dirac distribution, when does it break?

    Well, the question is if the well known occupation distribution of the energy levels for fermions does break, which means when it is not valid anymore. The Fermi-Dirac distribution reads: ##\displaystyle f_{FD}(E)=\frac{1}{exp\left({\frac{E-\mu}{k_B T}}\right)+1}## And gives the occupation...
  32. I

    B Why does a wall break and not move when pushed?

    When there is a wall and a huge machine tried to move it and applied force on it at a point, why will the wall break at the spot the force is being applied and not move away?
  33. J

    I Other ways to break the Higgs symmetry group

    Our standard model breaks the Higgs Su(2) electroweak symmetry via the Higgs mechanism. In official beyond the standard models. May I know the different lists of models where the Higgs field can be part of larger symmetry group like SU(10) and different ways to break it?
  34. Manoj Sahu

    Difference between a circuit breaker and a load break switch?

    Hi. I am working in on a Ring Main Unit of Siemens make. Today, my senior asked me the same question. As per my understanding, a circuit breaker is make or break switch. I mean, when fault occurs the circuit breaker trips, protecting the equipment connected to the line. I have no information...
  35. T

    MHB Finding percentage required to break even

    Hello there, I have the following set of data Wins 6 Losses 13 Average Win 14.33% Average Loss -4.47% I want to know how to figure out the maximum average loss at which I can still break even. I have tried a few different things but cannot figure it out...
  36. Y

    Forces involved in egg-drop experiment: 25 Newtons to Break an Egg?

    Homework Statement So I've spent many hours on here and deep deeeeeep in my textbooks trying to learn things...that pertain to the Egg drop experiment I am almost done with everything I need but I was wondering. I've read that it takes approximately 25 Newtons of force to break an...
  37. srfriggen

    I Find Lowest Rung to Drop Bottles & Prevent Breakage - Problem Solving

    Preface: This is a question we are working on in a course called "Problem Solving." I am not looking for an answer, but only some clarity on how to phrase my answer. The question is as follows: You have a ladder with 100 rungs and two bottles. From some unknown height above a certain rung the...
  38. D

    Do light and sound waves roll up and break like ocean waves?

    When sea waves approach the shore they roll up and break due to different velocities of water layers formed due to the gradual change in water depth. The highest wave peaks move faster than all other layers and thus falls down. All other layers fall the same way but in a delay. this ends up with...
  39. L

    Simple and clear LED question. LEDs pop and break

    Attached is a picture of my set-up. It is very simple and if for a car (12V) The LED kit comes with 3 options: Hard wire install, cigarette lighter install, and 9 + 9 V battery demo. The peculiar thing is when I connect the hard wire install plug (shown at the top of the picture) to a...
  40. T

    Can a plastic container break from having too much water

    I have a plastic container holding about 30 gallons of water, and it is bowing. Do I need to be concerned about it breaking?
  41. L

    Finding Friction Force on a Break Pad

    A 30-cm-diameter, 1.6 kg solid turntable rotates on a 1.4-cm-diameter, 450 g shaft at a constant 33 rpm. When you hit the stop switch, a brake pad presses against the shaft and brings the turntable to a halt in 15 seconds. How much friction force does the brake pad apply to the shaft? I am...
  42. R

    One magnet motor that does not break any thermodynamic rules

    I am wondering how efficient this engine can get, I am thinking if one used a superconductive magnet that is really strong?
  43. Kuze

    B Drinking glasses break suddenly

    Hi, As the title said, I had 3 glasses store water in my room near the window. I drank 1 and a half of 3 glasses water and go to sleep. But after about 4 or 5 hours when i still sleep i hear some loud sound and woke up, I saw 1 empty glass broke in half and 1 still had some water broke. The...
  44. resurgance2001

    I Lyman Break drop-out technique

    Hi I have a question which is about the lyman break drop-out technique for identifying high red shift galaxies. I am basically trying to understand how the technique works. My current understanding is that the drop-out technique makes use of the fact that very high red shift galaxies...
  45. H

    What's your brain break activity?

    Some activity you do while working to refresh your brain. It is actually a serious thing. I encourage anyone not familiar to learn about. I have desktop versions of field sports I play eg miniature basketball hoop, Velcro dart board, desktop catapults, and some mindless funny YouTube sub's eg...
  46. Greg Bernhardt

    What are you doing over winter break?

    Mostly for those in academia or anyone taking a vacation etc over the holidays.
  47. P

    Studying How should I spend my winter break?

    I'm an international student in the US (UT Arlington) and I someone suggested that I should get some research experience outside during the winter. Is it possible? I'll definitely try getting it at my university, but out of curiosity, is it possible to get some experience in other universities...