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    Destructive Interference in Water but not Air

    Homework Statement Consider a given monochromatic component of sunlight. The electric field drives a given air molecule. Each oscillating charge of the air molecule radiates waves in all directions, some of which travel to the eye of a given observer. But, for a given molecule (call it No.1)...
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    How to design discrete circuits for transistor beta changes?

    In my circuits/active devices course we had to make amplifier designs with various type of transistors (BJT, JFET, MOSFET). In each design the transistor beta parameter played an important role in deciding which resistors to use in the final amplifier circuit. This beta parameter changes widely...
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    Automotive How to calculate 1.5 order wheel torque fluctuation (3 Cylin

    Hi all, I have the raw data in .csv file which has Engine speed, wheel torque value and main shaft speed (Please refer to below image - raw data_screen shot) I have to find the logic for the above raw data, to get 1.5 order wheel torque value, which is close to resulted value as attached...
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    Dissipation function in fluctuation dissipation theory

    Hello every: Actually, there are 2 questions. The first one is how to understand the dissipation function used in the fluctuation dissipation theory. I notice that for a dielectric material with a complex dielectric function, this dissipation function will be the imaginary part of the...
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    Domestic Water Pump (1 HP)

    Hi there, I have spent quite some time on PF as an unregistered user reading through various stuff and have learned a lot. Just registered now to seek help on something that's been bothering me a lot and to which I haven't managed to find a solution yet. Please let me know if this is not the...