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How to calculate percentage of exam mark?

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    lets say?
    Exam worth: 70%
    exam percentage scored: 40%

    what is the exam mark?
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    You can't determine the exam score unless you know the total number of points possible for the course.

    Let's suppose that there are 200 points possible in the course. Then the maximum score on the exam would be 140 points (.7 x 200). If you scored 40% on the exam, then your score would be .4 x 140 = 56 points.

    In any case, an exam percentage of 40% is probably failing. And since the exam is 70% of the course grade, the grade for the course is likely a failing one.
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    And the rest of the 30% what is the mark ? if it is x
    the global mark is : 0,4*0,7+x*0,3=0,28 +0,3x
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