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How to calculate the bonding force due to wringing effect in slip guages

  1. Jul 2, 2012 #1
    Bonding force between two slip guages will be inflenced by surface finish,material,wrining effect etc., what is the relationship between all ? Anyone knows how to calculate theoretically?
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    Its a very difficult question I must say. There is no direct relation between the terms you mentioned. This question seems to be more engineering based also. Moreover , its more of civil or mechanical engineering. There are many bonding forces like molecular attractions which can cause adherence in these gauges even without using lubricants. Also there is surface tension acting from oil and water vapour. Apart from them , there are other minor forces. So there is no direct relation between the terms !!
    We CANNOT calculate them theoretically. It'll (for instance resistive forces due to wringing) require a higher level calculation from chemical bonding to atomic structure.

    Moreover this might also help :
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