Bonding Definition and 14 Discussions

Bonding (stylized as BONDiNG) is an American dark comedy streaming television series that premiered on Netflix on April 24, 2019. The series stars Zoe Levin, Brendan Scannell, Micah Stock, Theo Stockman, and Nana Mensah. On January 16, 2020, the series was renewed for a second season which was released on Netflix on January 27, 2021.Bonding is reported to be loosely based on the personal experience of creator Rightor Doyle.

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  1. L

    Which diagram of water molecules is correct?

    I've seen both types of diagrams when drawing covalent dot and cross diagrams. And some students that I teach said that the electrons should be on the circles. But I do know that this is actually showing the electron overlap and electron field and in reality electrons are not in circular orbits...
  2. Amaterasu21

    B Why don't solids always stick together?

    Hi all, Something I've been wondering - why don't two solid surfaces always stick together when touching each other? As far as I'm aware there are five basic types of solids: Atomic solids: Frozen noble gases containing single atoms held together by London dispersion forces. Molecular...
  3. navneet9431

    Does the Potential Energy increase during Chemical Bonding?

    Hi All, The Potential Energy for two chemically bonding atoms is defined by ,U=1/2(k*q1*q2)/r So it means that when the atoms approach each other then, their Potential Energy will increase. Where am I doing wrong? I will be thankful for help!
  4. Kenneth Boon Faker

    B Why does bonding occur between atoms?

    If each electron cloud repels other electrons and other atoms, then why can two or more atoms form molecules? Is it to do with negative and positive charges?
  5. T

    Electron transfer and oxidation state

    When beryllium donates a pair of electrons to oxygen, that's oxidation, and the metal is Be(II). When carbon and oxygen share 6 electrons, 2 from carbon and 4 from oxygen, this is also oxidation. Of carbon. Even though it got more electrons, and even, I heard, has a negative charge. When...
  6. I

    Do amino-acids spontaneously bond within a cell?

    I was wondering whether it is possible for amino acids that end up in a cell (ready to be made into proteins) to spontaneously start to bond in the cytoplasm (or wherever the routing channel is I guess) and create randomly floating short strands of polymers? Furthermore, can it ever happen that...
  7. E

    Induction Heating Process Characterization

    Hi All, I'm working on a process involving induction heating. I'm heating up an irregular shape ss die to make a bond. My dilemma is in my understanding of where the eddy currents will be that generate the heat (based on skin effect). The clam shell die is pictured below. The right hand...
  8. S Aditya

    About the Orbital Dipole Moment

    I was going through the chapter Chemical Bonding in one of the books and found something about orbital dipole due to lone pairs. In each diagram the orbital dipole due to lone pair was directed from the central atom to the end of the hybridized orbital (lone pair). Why is that so?
  9. Abhijeet Verma

    I Why is tetrahedral the most stable?

    How do we prove that tetrahedral arrangement is the arrangement which allows 4 points to be maximum apart from each other about a fixed centre, assuming that the points are all symmetrical about the centre. (I am asking in context of the structures of the molecules like CH4, since there the...
  10. Anonymous Vegetable

    Force between bonded atoms

    In a covalent bonded molecule, what is the force responsible for the molecule staying together. To my knowledge it's to do with electrons of opposite spins and being at a lower energy with valence shells filled but what is the force itself that pulls a second atom along if the atom it's bonded...
  11. T

    Motorcycle Helmet Construction

    Hi everybody, I am new in this forum, and i have to say that i am not the best in physics but, i always loved playing with paint, carbon fiber and fiberglass etc... I had an idea of trying to make a Helmet with a science-fiction look ( halo ) and make it legally to wear it ( In thailand ) I...
  12. B

    Are molecules only held together by Covalent bonds?

    Hi there, I'm studying for IGCSE Chemistry and I'm a little confused with Bonding/Molecules. My textbook says: "Molecules are held together by covalent bonds" I'm a little confused by this as I thought a molecule was formed when two or more atoms (same or different elements) join together...
  13. Priyadarshini

    How Do You Tell When A Compound Will Form A Coordinate Bond?

    How can you tell when a compound will form a covalent bond or a coordinate bond? I know that a coordinate bond is a special type of covalent bond and if during covalent bonding, if the elements taking part do not obtain a noble gas configuration, they for coordinate bonds. But take for example...
  14. Y

    What really are resonance structures?

    This is a concept I have never really understood. I mean to say is how can we include such a thing in a theory? How can we use them if we know that they don't actually exist? Are they some sort of calculation tool?