What is Slip: Definition and 109 Discussions

The Serial Line Internet Protocol (also SLIP) is an encapsulation of the Internet Protocol designed to work over serial ports and router connections. It is documented in RFC 1055. On personal computers, SLIP has largely been replaced by the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), which is better engineered, has more features, and does not require its IP address configuration to be set before it is established. On microcontrollers, however, SLIP is still the preferred way of encapsulating IP packets, due to its very small overhead.
Some people refer to the successful and widely used RFC 1055 Serial Line Internet Protocol as "Rick Adams' SLIP", to avoid confusion with other proposed protocols named "SLIP". Those other protocols include the much more complicated RFC 914 appendix D Serial Line Interface Protocol.

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  1. daisy7777

    Frames of Reference: Using tie-downs to hold a load on a flatbed truck

    I calculated the net force. I got 6500. I determined this is bigger than the force of static friction so the force of friction acting on the object must be kinetic. From there I got kinda lost. I know for the component to not slip Fnetx = 0 and Fnety = 0. But I'm not sure what to do from there...
  2. C

    I Why do brushed DC motors only use commutators, and not slip rings?

    Commutators always generate unwanted sparks and bad EM interference. If slip ring can replace commutator in DC motor, then electric vehicle industry will love it more than multi-phase AC induction motor.
  3. Krismein

    Optimal Solution for Avoiding Cable Slip from Groove

    This is a theoretical question where we should explain and show with formulas which option is the best solution for avoiding cable to slip from groove. I believe that since the cable center is closer to the rotation axis (left fairlead), the force on the cable will move the fairlead as well (as...
  4. jedishrfu

    How Slip Faults Lead to Massive Tsunamis

  5. V

    Medical Freud's psychoanalysis and a Freudian slip

    A Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that occurs due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought. The concept is part of classical psychoanalysis. [Wikipedia] My question is whether this phenomenon is...
  6. SebastianRM

    Slip Conditions for flow between Parallel Plates

    The problem states: Two parallel plates separated by distance h, the plate at the top moves with velocity V, while the one at the bottom remains stationary. My initial approach was: I considered, ##du/dy = V/h## and for the shear stress ##\tau = \mu \frac{\partial u}{\partial y}## For...
  7. D

    Determine the acceleration of the cylinder axis if there is no slip

    So I first wrote the moment of inertia of the cylinder, since it says that it is thin-walled, I think that its moment of inertia is ##I=\eta mR^2##. After that I wrote the sum of torques, I think that there are three forces that cause torque, the two forces of friction, the one caused by the...
  8. C

    Automotive Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive has higher maximum slip ratio?

    The graph is relationship between longitudinal force and slip ratio under the conditions of 0 longitudinal acceleration and flat road(0 angle of inclination). Which line represent FWD or RWD? Does FWD or RWD have higher maximum slip ratio?
  9. S

    Calculating if a Pipe Clamp will slip

    Hi, First, I want to thank ahead of time any help that can be provided. Second, I'm just an advanced tinker'r needing help on a project. Description: -Lever 1 and Clamp are attached -Lever 2 and Rod 2 are attached. -Clamp is tightened around Rod 2 -Upward force on end of Lever 2 needs to be...
  10. F

    Automotive What is the relationship between tire physics and slip angle?

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know what the slip angle is in relation to rubber tires? What is its effect? Is it a positive or negative effect? My basic understanding is that when a tire is cornering, the tire does not point directly along the curved direction of motion but is slightly twisted...
  11. D

    Tensile Test of Slip Ring - Working out Tensile Strength

    All, Through work, I've recently been tasked with investigating a very old tensile test technique, according to BS HC 403:1977 (now withdrawn). Essentially, you take a ring. Anywhere along it you make a slit all the way through. You then pull that ring in a tensile machine, ensuring that the...
  12. CK_KoopaTroopa

    I Finding the max angle of a longboard deck before the wheels slip

    Hi, I'm making an electric longboard and trying to write an app for my phone to function as the remote. I've got a bunch of fancy Star-Trek-esque indicators on it, one of which is the pitch and roll of the deck. All the indicators have "danger zones" and turn red when they hit them, and for this...
  13. Andres Padilla

    Find the force P such that the disk rolls without slip

    Homework Statement When a disk rolls in a surface whitout slip, the velocity of the disk's edge (where it contacts the surface) is zero with respect the surface and the friction force is less than the maximum allowable of Us.N, where Us is the coefficient of static friction and N is the normal...
  14. Conductivity

    I How can an object tip and slip at the same time?

    The conditions are for tipping and slipping. Tipping: If P critical < Us N then it tips Slipping: If P critical > Us N then it slips What if we have P critical = Us N. Any increase will make it slide and tip...? If we took a rectangular shape object with Height h and length L so half its...
  15. O

    Automotive Why do tires slip easier from a standstill start?

    Hello! Have some questions I've been thinking about for a while... 1. why is it easier to make the wheels slipping if you rev the engine and relase the clutch fast (this from a standstill start)? exampel; I can be in first gear and have full throttle and no slip will oucure in my car with low...
  16. L

    How to derive the slip angle for a trailer-car system?

    I just watched this video that perfectly explains how to derive the equations for the slip angle of a car: However, how could this be done for a three axle system (car-trailer)? Would you have to express distance a (in the video) in terms of b (distance from centre of gravity to the second...
  17. T

    I No Slip condition in an Inviscid Fluid

    In an Inviscid fluid would the no slip condition exist? If it didn't would it follow that the free stream velocity would exist at the wall ?. If this was the case would surface roughness still present an orthogonal area upon which the kinetic energy of the fluid would interact causing a...
  18. G

    Finding the Angle When the Crate Begins to Slip

    Homework Statement A crate is placed on an adjustable, inclined board. The coefficient of static friction between the crate and the board is 0.29. A) Calculate the angle at which the crate just begins to slip. Homework Equations Sum of Forces=M*A The Attempt at a Solution In my problem: Why...
  19. P

    Slip -- should it be used with effective radius?

    Hi, I was thinking of the slip that is defined as following: $$ s = \frac{R\omega}{v_x} -1 $$ The definition of the effective radius according to Chand and Sandu [1] $$ \begin{equation} R_e = \left\{ \begin{array}{l l} R - R \left(1- \frac{1...
  20. synMehdi

    Automotive Solving Traction & Friction Issues with Car Simulation

    Hi, I'm simulating the behavior of a car and I have some troubles with the tires. Specially with slip when the car is accelerating. I've seen many documents over the internet and I understood 2 main things: Wheel slip is necessary to accelerate & the coefficient of friction depends on the slip...
  21. B

    Finding magnitude of tension that causes object to slip

    Homework Statement A rope attached to a 19.0 kg wood sled pulls the sled up a 19.0° snow-covered hill. A 14.0 kg wood box rides on top of the sled. EDIT: the actual question to be answered, oops. What's the magnitude of the tension that will cause the box to slide? Mass of box (mb) = 14.0kg...
  22. T

    No slip condition in an ideal fluid- Perpendicular pressure

    The no slip condition has been described as the adhesion of a fluid to a solid surface setting the relative fluid velocity to zero - cohesion (viscous stress) between fluid elements spreads evenly the velocity gradient through the boundary to the free stream. This also infers that the pressure...
  23. terryds

    B Why Do We Slip on Ice? Explained | Kinetic & Static Friction

    Why do we slip when we try to walk on ice? I know that it's because the friction is small. But, I still don't get it. The kinetic friction or static friction? Is the friction force direction opposite or same direction as the walk? I don't get it. Please help
  24. synMehdi

    Automotive Formula 1 Traction Control tuning

    Hello, I'm a mechanical engineering student and I'm working in traction control for Formula 1 cars. The traction control in the cars is simple, too simple: an engine cut is done when the engine is at a certain RPM and slip value. A matrix of four values of RPM and slip has to be provided to...
  25. F

    No Slip Condition: Which is Correct? Explained

    Homework Statement i was told that For a given fluid the velocity of fluid in contact with with solid boundary is equal to the velocity of solid boundary in a book . In another book , I was told that the velocity of fluid at the solid boundary is 0 , which is correct ? can someone explain...
  26. P

    Automotive Optimize Feul consubtion, efficiany and slip condition

    Hi, I'm working on a wheel loader task and my mission is to optimize the feul consumbtion and controlling the slipp using a appropriate optimal control method. All data is from the tires and I have to by some method tell the motor how much it has to give to machine to drive. Anyone suggest a...
  27. srinaath

    Why slip is more in low HP induction motor?

    am doing a comparative study of induction motors (both single and three phase) based on cost, size, efficiency,etc... while analyzing 1/4Hp and 5 HP motors, i read that 1/4HP motor has high slip than 5HP motor because 1/4HP motor has greater rotor winding resistance than 5HP...so efficiency is...
  28. W

    What Is the Minimum Angle to Keep the Boxes Stationary on an Inclined Plane?

    Homework Statement 9.12) The mass of the box on the left is 30kg and the mass of the box on the right is 40kg. The coefficient of static friction between each box and the inclined plane is μs = 0.2. Determine the minimum angle α for which the boxes will remain stationary. Homework Equations...
  29. T

    Induction machine slip control

    Hi, Say you wanted to have a generator or motor stay at near 90degrees for maximum torque while generating or motoring, over various loads or over various supply frequencies. I assume there is some established method of controlling this (varying the rotor resistance with feedback perhaps?) does...
  30. Salvador

    Slip rings, commutator, dc motor

    If I'm not mistaking , all DC and also universal motors have a brushed commutator not a slip ring commutator because the rotor wires need to keep the same current direction as they rotate pass the same magnetic stator pole. so the only DC motor which could operate on slip rings is a homopolar...
  31. E

    Find Sheer stress that produced slip

    Question is as follows: We have a single crystal of Al in a tensile tester. WE are applying a tensile stress, [δ][/Ψ] perpendicular to the 212 plane and we have found that slip has occurred. What is the shear stress that produced the slip? not sure how to proceed, first thought was use the...
  32. G

    Experimental data modelling off-road vehicle travel

    Hi everyone, I am looking for any available experimental data which models off-road vehicle travel in clay and measures tyre and soil parameters. Parameters I am looking for include pull, torque, shear strength of the soil, sinkage, slip and deflection. If anyone knows of any available raw data...
  33. cnh1995

    Slip test on salient pole machine

    In slip test, we provide a constant 3 phase voltage across the stator of the machine. Then why does that voltage vary? Its like a variable inductor circuit due to different air gap length but basically if the voltage impressed is kept constant, why does the voltmeter show variation? Is it like...
  34. andyrk

    Reason for body to slip away from centre of a rotating disc

    Why does a body kept on a rotating disc tend to slip away from the centre?
  35. H

    System of limited slip differentials with two power sources

    My first ever post here, so hello world! So I've attached an image of a conventional 4x4 system with one RIC engine and LSDs for all wheels so that all four wheels can be driven, or just one depending on conditions. the front/rear LSD may in fact be locked, but that isn't particularly...
  36. T

    Viscosity, No Slip, Permeable Couette plate

    I am trying to understand the no slip condition (parallel velocity =0) in the presence of a permeable surface (in this case a Reverse Osmosis filter mesh ). Does the presence of permeability affect the no slip condition ? Intuitively For a gas Where viscous effects are dominated by momentum...
  37. A

    The greatest angle at which a ladder won't slip

    [EDIT: Never mind about this problem, I found my mistake.] 1. Homework Statement A uniform ladder of mass m and length L rests against a wall. The coefficients of static friction between the floor and the ladder and between the wall and the ladder are equal to each other (μ). What is the...
  38. L

    How far up the ladder can you climb before it begins to slip?

    A uniform ladder of length 9 m leans against a frictionless vertical wall making an angle of 47° with the ground. The coefficient of static friction between the ladder and the ground is 0.41. If your mass is 74 kg and the ladder's mass is 33 kg, how far up the ladder can you climb before it...
  39. Q

    Freefall to rolling with no slip

    Homework Statement A uniform sphere with know mass m, moment of inertia I, and radius Rs is traveling through free space with initial horizontal linear velocity v1 and rotational velocity w1. It then makes tangential contact with a horizontal surface and instantaneously starts rolling without...
  40. A

    Slip Length: u - u_wall = β ∂u/∂n

    Wondering if someone could link me to a derivation of this formula? It's on the Wikipedia page for the no-slip condition. u - u_wall = β ∂u/∂n β = slip length n = coordinate normal to the wall
  41. R

    Why is the Braking Coefficient - Slip curve of this shape?

    Hi all, I want to know the why the Braking force coefficient is increasing first and then decreasing with respect to wheel slip. I attached the graph for your reference
  42. 9

    Static Friction -- A ladder leaning against a wall starts to slip

    Homework Statement A ladder,10 m long and having a mass of 25 kg, rests on a rough horizontal floor and is supported by a rough vertical wall. The ladder is inclined at 60 degrees as shown and starts to slip when a person having a mass of 75 kg has climbed halfway up it. The coefficient of...
  43. G

    Does decreasing input voltage affect the slip in an induction motor?

    Hello all My question is: Induction motor with nominal load rotates with nominal speed. How the slip will be changed if we decrease input voltage in 10%? I think that if we decrease the voltage, than the current will be decreased also. Than, the moment will be decreased and mechanical...
  44. L

    Friction when wheel slip is zero

    Most graphs show that when wheel slip is zero then the friction is zero. But I can't get it, as when the vehicle stand still on slope, the friction keeps the vehicle from going down hill Could someone explain for me? http://www.albi-engineering.nl/Electronics/Traction_Control/slipgraph.jpg
  45. P

    Induction Motor Slip decrease with frequency decrease for same load.

    Hi, Does anyone know or could help me understand the reasoning for the amount of slip within an induction motor decreasing with frequency under the same load conditions? I.e. For no external load, the slip is higher at 50Hz than at 20Hz etc? Thanks
  46. C

    Max torque on a couple to cause slip

    So I've been spinning my wheels (I guess I should say slipping, haha) on this problem we've been having We have a coupling intended to transfer torque: One side of the coupling is a smaller insert that slides inside of a larger nut. The insert has male threads on one side and the nut has...
  47. N

    Understanding Rotor RMF in Squirrel Cage & Slip Ring Induction Motors

    is the rotor rotating magnetic field(R-RMF) present in squirrel cage induction motor (SCIM). Is it same as in 3 phase ROTOR winding of slip ring induction motor (SRIM), generating rotor RMF. * THE 3 phase, supply given to stator 3 phase winding of SRIM, generates (RMF), which cuts the rotor 3...
  48. K

    Rotating and stationary shaft need to be engaged without slip

    Hi guys, So here's one thing which I want to design and this thing involves a flywheel rotating at about 1000 rpm. I need to transfer this energy to another shaft which is stationary with a mechanism. The mechanism has to be actuated for only a second, and then disengaged. During engagement...