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How to contact universities/research scholars for an apprenticeship in astrophysics?

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    My name is Rupak Karnik. I am currently a third year student in electronics engineering in Mumbai, India. I have a very keen interest in astrophysics and space sciences and I plan to pursue a career in the same. I have a mid-semester break during the months of June and July for 6 weeks and I would love to get an opportunity to do an internship at an institute or work as an apprentice under a research scholar during that period in this field. However, I face a unique, frustrating problem. All the institutes here have their summer schools and internship programs during the period when I have my semester examinations. Hence, I am looking elsewhere for gaining some experience. If anyone could guide me on how I can contact professors or if there are any other options, it would be great. I am prepared to pay whatever fees are required for the same. I would really appreciate any help I can get because this is what I really want to do. Thank you
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    Re: How to contact universities/research scholars for an apprenticeship in astrophysi

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