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How to convert arcsec to steradians

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    If I know the angular size of the object in arcsecs lets say r, how can I convert it into steradians size? is it just that the size in steradians is r2?
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    You don't, not unless you know the shape of the object. An arcsecond is an angle and a steradian is a solid angle, they are different things. It is like asking how to convert a length into an area.
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    I know its spherical object (I should have mentioned it in my first post)..
    Yeah, converting is not a good word for what I want to do.. Better question would be How can I obtain the size of the spherical object in steradians if I know the angular size in arcsecs.
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    Since you are working with arcsecs, I assume we're discussing very small angles. If the subtended angle (of a diameter) is theta and the distance from the observer is R, what, roughly, is the visible area? Divide that by R2 and you have the steradians.
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