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How To create an .exe file from Mathematica ?

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    How To create an .exe file from Mathematica code ?


    I just wonder is there a way to create an exe file from a Mathematica code, that runs just with double-clicks on it ?

    When it starts running it may ask some values for some variables and when one of them entered the others and the result will be calculated automatically. (The variableas are depens eachothers)

    Is that possible and if yes please mention a little bit how?
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    I'm not sure if mathematica can export to *.exe. What you're probably looking for is a cdf file. It's a file that can be played without mathematica (it's used on wolfram demonstration project ).[/PLAIN] [Broken] If you have mathematica 8.0.4 notebooks can be deployed directly by clicking on File -> Deploy .... so make a notebook write something you want to .. something with Manipulate[] if you want to have interactive stuff e.g.

    Manipulate[Plot[a*x^2,{x,0,3},AspectRatio-> Automatic,PlotStyle-> {Thick,Magenta}],{a,-5,5}]

    Then go to File-> Deploy. You need a free copy of CDFPlayer (available from wolfram's website) to play the cdf on a PC without mathematica (or in a web browser like on demonstrations).

    If you have an older mathematica copy (like 8.0.0 or even older) you won't have the Deploy thing in your File tab. In that case, you can convert your nbs to cdfs online , here http://www.wolfram.com/solutions/interactivedeployment/publish/
    You need to enter license and email and all that annoying stuff but it should work ...
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