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How to determnine quantum numbers of hybridized orbitals?For

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    How to determnine quantum numbers of hybridized orbitals?
    For example:We have sp3 orbital,so its quantum numbers are n=1,l=0 and 1,m=0 and -1,0,1?Or how?Or they are in some way added up together?
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    Re: Quant.num.

    The sp3 hybrid orbitals are formed by taking mixtures of |s>, |px>, |py> and |pz>, right? So they are not eigenstates of ℓ and m, and you can't use these quantum numbers to label them.
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    Re: Quant.num.

    But I think it generally.What kind of quantum numbers have molecular orbital?Atomic orbital has 4 quantum numbers and molecular has....?
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