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How to do undergrad research in EE

  1. Oct 24, 2009 #1

    I want suggestions/guidence about how to carry out research in Electrical engineering at undergrad level? What constitutes for being a good research student in this field? I need detailed guidence.

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    I would have to suggest the obvious: Go to the department website and see what different professors are doing for research. If something interests you, talk to the professor.

    I would let them know up front that you do not expect to be paid (a professor has only so much money allotted toward research; it will go to the grad students). I would be surprised if many professors would turn down free help so long as you seem motivated to learn.

    Just make sure that you both have a clear understanding of how much time you have to dedicate towards the research. Your professor will know that you are quite busy with your undergrad studies, so give them a realistic number. Let them know that you have 'x' number of hours per week that you could feasibly give them.

    If you are organized, motivated and can hold a semi-intelligent conversation with a professor, I so no reason why you can't get an undergrad research position(s).
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