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How to draw plots for these formulas?

  1. Apr 1, 2013 #1
    I have got these formulas used for adiabatic process. Now I would like know how the plots look like.

    A) y=p*V^κ , where κ is Heat capacity ratio

    B) y=T*V^(κ-1)

    C) y=T^κ*p^(1-κ)

    NOTE: κ (Heat capacity ratio) > 1

    Thank you
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    WolframAlpha to the rescue. It'll matter quite a bit which are variables for you, and which are constant. You can do something like
    as an example. You'll have to pick a k-value, if that's a constant. Indeed, you'll pretty much have to pick values for any constants in order to plot them up on any computer.
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