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The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories is a 2004 book by Christopher Booker containing a Jung-influenced analysis of stories and their psychological meaning. Booker worked on the book for thirty-four years.

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  1. V

    Creating Plots using Matlab For Interpolation

    My code in Matlab for this practice question is: ( x = linspace(0,4,10); y = sqrt(x); plot(x,y,'-o'); hold on y2=polyfit(x,y,2); plot(x,y2,'--or') ) Is this the best way to do? My plots look nearly identical and are on top of one another but a later question asks to graph the error, so I am...
  2. S

    Subjectively deterministic-looking features of scatter plots

    This is a scatter plot of the points where ##|\zeta(1/2 + it)|## has local maxima. On seeing it, my first thought was that there seems to be a certain amount of deterministic quality, a sort of "texture", in the scatter. There seem to be groups of points that look like skeins, closed curves...
  3. T

    Chemistry Cleland Diagram & Binding Order from Lineweaver Burke Plots

    I am mostly focused on parts (b) and (d), which I typed out. For (b), I can tell the first pair of graphs is a sequential reaction (when Cysteine is saturated), but it appears ping-pong for the others because the slopes are roughly parallel. I know sequential has to reactants binding (so I...
  4. P

    MATLAB Using 2 MATLAB files to simulate 3 plots

    First of all, I'm an absolute beginner in MATLAB. Secondly, I have 2 MATLAB files, one entitled as a "main file" and the other one as a helping .m file, which is called by the main file. I need to run the main file in order to obtain 3 plots. What is the exact procedure that I should follow in...
  5. FEAnalyst

    I Logarithmic scale - interpolation

    Hi, knowing the coordinates of two points: ##(x_1,y_1)## and ##(x_2,y_2)## on a linear scale plot, I can use linear interpolation to get ##y## for a point of known ##x## using the formula below: $$y=y_1+(x−x_1) \frac{(y_2−y_1)}{(x_2−x_1)}$$ But how does it look like in the case of logarithmic...
  6. garthenar

    Engineering W0 = 1/RC? Transfer Functions and Bode Plots

    Here is the example and solution in full. I have circled where I'm at and highlighted the part that's tripping me up. I managed to get... and getting everything in terms of the angular frequency seems to be critical for getting the plots for the Frequency Response. I checked my notes on RC...
  7. Amy_93

    I Statistic uncertainties in cross section plots - how to calculate?

    Hi there, I hope I chose the right forum for my question. So, basically, I'm doing an analysis measuring the number of signal particles in a certain momentum bin i, and doing two corrections: Nsig, i=M*(Nmeas, i-Nbkg, i) Here, M is a matrix covering PID correction and PID efficiencies, and...
  8. S

    Mathematica Tracking dynamic markers across plots (Mathematica)

    Let's say we have a rectangular plot of two curves X(t) and Y(t); and next to it we have a parametric plot of (X(t) , Y(t)). Now we want to add a slider that can control markers on both plots, so that the slider ( = ts) moves two markers X(ts) and Y(ts) across the rectangular plot and at the...
  9. B

    I Shape of exclusion plots of WIMP

    Hello! What is the reason why the exclusion plots of WIMP experiments have that "U" like shape? And what sets the minimum of the curve? Thank you!
  10. E

    I How to Incorporate Metric Coefficients into Worldline Plots in Curved Spacetime?

    Since it is nonlinear, the 3 leg lengths would be limited to differentials? But how would the metric coefficients be incorporated into those leg lengths? It seems like the leg differential lengths would have to vary inversely with the magnitudes of the metric coefficients? For example, near...
  11. Phys pilot

    MATLAB Plot a non homogeneous DPE -- Sum two plots in Matlab?

    Hello, I want to plot this PDE which is non homogeneous: ut=kuxx+cut=kuxx+c u(x,0)=c0(1−cosπx)u(x,0)=c0(1−cosπx) u(0,t)=0u(1,t)=2c0u(0,t)=0u(1,t)=2c0 I have a code that can solve this problem and plot it with those boundary and initial conditions but not with the non homogeneous term...
  12. T

    I Proving radial properties of particular dimensionless surface plots?

    We have a surface function z = f(x,y) ; f(x,y) only contains dimensionless constants, and is itself dimensionless. If we convert it to cylindrical co-ordinates, z = f(r,θ) , does z only depend on θ? Meaning we can remove r from the equation, literally.
  13. A

    Online app which plots F(z) in the complex plane

    I am looking for an app that can instantaneously plot the function f(z) in the complex plane once z is given. It would be much favorable if this process is fast which allows one to visualize f(z) when the user is moving the mouse on the complex plane to the location of z. One possible...
  14. Alexanddros81

    A child rolls a marble....Plot graphs etc.

    Homework Statement Serway Physics Section 2.4 Accerleration 16. A child rolls a marble on a bent track that is 100 cm long as shown in Figure P2.16. We use x to represent the position of the marble along the track. On the horizontal sections from x=0 to x=20 cm and from x=40 cm to x=60 cm, the...
  15. I

    I Invariant mass plots for resonance 'particles'

    The interaction p + π- → n + π- + π + may proceed by the creation of an intermediate 'particle' or resonance called a rho. This can be detected as a peak in the plot of invariant rest mass energy of the emergent pions versus frequency of pions observed. My question is quite simply, invariant...
  16. K

    Understanding Chi-Squared Plots & CP Violation Ranges

    Would you please help me to understand the chi-squared plot the third plot in the bellow list. How can I relate the cp violation ranges to the 3 and 5 sigma? (http://inspirehep.net/record/1473193/plots)
  17. E

    I Qualitative plots of harmonic oscillator wave function

    For the harmonic oscillator, I'm trying to study qualitative plots of the wave function from the one-dimensional time independent schrodinger equation: \frac{d^2 \psi(x)}{dx^2} = [V(x) - E] \psi(x) If you look at the attached image, you'll find a plot of the first energy eigenfunction for...
  18. quasarLie

    Python Superimpose Plots with i = 2 in Python

    Hello, I want to have multiple plot in the same figure for i=2, this is my code Mod note: Edited the code below to prevent some array indexes from being interpreted incorrectly as BBCode italics tags. import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from math import * from scipy.integrate...
  19. M

    Mathematica Color Contour Plots for Varying Gamma Values in a Simple Equation

    Hi PF! I'm wondering if anyone knows how to make each plot for ##\gamma## a different color. What I have so far is \[Gamma] = {0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2}; ContourPlot[(1 + 2 \[Gamma]) \[Sigma]^2 + 4 \[Gamma] Cos[k\[CapitalDelta]x] \[Sigma] - (1 - 2 \[Gamma]) == 0, {k\[CapitalDelta]x, 0...
  20. M

    Mathematica Labeling Plots in Mathematica Student Edition

    Hi PF! I am using an older version of Mathematica:, the student edition. I am trying to label plots within the Plot function using the command "PlotLegend ->" but when running, first I get a message that this is outdated, and when I suppress, I get a legend that does not work with the...
  21. T

    Controller Using Bode Plots

    Homework Statement This is the second part my problem. In the first part the Open Loop and Closed loop TF where worked out from design parameters. In later questions a lead or lag commentator is needs to be designed. Design an appropriate controller to ensure the steady state error in the...
  22. S

    Straight line plot of bipolar transistor - temperature?

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to plot a straight line for a bipolar junction transistor to find the room temperature, T, using my experimental results for the associated base-emitter voltage, ##{V}_{BE}## and collector current, ##I_C##. Here's the equation that I'm using: $$ I_C = α_F {I}_{EO}...
  23. Tspirit

    The plots of wave function of harmonic oscillator

    Homework Statement In Griffiths' book "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics", Section 2.3, Chapter 2, the Fig. 2.7 gives the plots of the wave function (##\psi_{n}##) and its modulus of the harmonics oscillator, see the Appendix. With the order (##n##) increasing, they become both higher. However...
  24. Spinnor

    I Is there a problem with this set of plots?

    Consider a graphic from May 2004 Physics Today article, Light's orbital angular momentum. Note that for larger l, the "hole" in the beam in the 2nd column gets bigger but the "hole" in the 3rd column basically stays the same size. I would think that both "holes" should grow with increasing l...
  25. V

    Bode phase plots and initial angles of transfer functions

    Hello everyone. So I have a test coming up and I am struggling with the concept of figure out what the initial phase or angle of a transfer function is. For instance, consider the following transfer function: L(s) = 4/s(.4s+1)(s+2) So the initial angle for L(s) is -90 degrees. Is there a...
  26. FallenApple

    A Observing interactions with plots using est. coeff.

    This question has two parts. On for the linear case, and one for the logistic case. Say X is a continuous variable and we want to see how x affects the response when looking between two different groups. Say G1=Group1, G2=Group2 In linear regression, we can plot the regression lines using the...
  27. ChrisVer

    A Looking for help with pull plots

    I don't know if this should go to guidance or statistics or if it's ok here... I am actually looking for literature [or papers] that can help me build some intuition about fittings and generally constraints or pulls from nuisance parameters. I feel kind of weak when it comes to understanding...
  28. arnazkh

    How Can I Plot Multiple Alpha Values in Cosmology Using Python?

    Hello! I've been working on a code that solves the Friedmann equation with quintessence using a scalar field potential of the form x^(-alpha) where alpha is a free parameter. I would like to plot different values of alpha in the same plot with annotations for each. For now, my code has initial...
  29. epenguin

    I Free or cheap app for log plots

    Trying to complete some homework help I got a bit stuck on an elementary or common problem that was always a bit difficult. I have a function f(x) and just want to plot log f(x) against log x. This is common in chemistry and biochemistry. It should have been easy. :redface: I have picked up...
  30. tomdodd4598

    I Interpreting These '2 Particles in a Box' Plots

    Hey there, I am familiar with the mathematics of multi-particle systems, but have now moved on to trying to plot them. I was a little ambitious and thought I'd attempt to somehow plot energy eigenfunctions of two particles in a 2-D box. Obviously I immediately ran into the issue that there are...
  31. kostoglotov

    How transfer functions become Bode plots

    Homework Statement I have a question related to taking the logs of transfer functions, getting the individual Bode plots of each subsequent factor, and adding those plots graphically. I'm working from Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 5th edt. Let me start with the following screen capture...
  32. M

    Enhance Your Excel Plots with Custom Labels for Optimal Data Visualization

    Hi PF! I'm plotting a log-log plot in excel, and each axis currently lists numbers like 1, 10, 100, 1000. What I would like is ##10^2,10^3##... etc. Any help would be awesome!
  33. ChrisVer

    A What is the significance of a slow turn-on curve in trigger efficiency plots?

    I am trying to understand how a Trigger efficiency plot should be interpreted in the scenario of an analysis that is using that trigger. What does a turn-on curve tell us about events that pass the trigger? One example (I think it's PUBLIC so it's accessible)...
  34. kelvin490

    MATLAB How to set zero value boxes transparent in 3D plots?

    I used a function called ind2patch to make a big 3D block which contains a number of smaller blocks in 3 dimensions. Each small block has a value which the magnitude is represented by a color.One example is shown below: However, most of the boxes have very low or zero value and I don't need to...
  35. kenyanchemist

    I Probability distribution plots

    hi, so my lecturer decides to give me manic depression by sending me on a wild goose chase. what is the general form of a plot of Ψ, Ψr2 and r2Ψ versus r for both Ψ2s and Ψ2p orbital... am not even sure i said it right
  36. Ben Wilson

    MATLAB Plot 3D Function: Point Where f=1, No Point Where f=0

    I had a function of 3 variables f'(kx,ky,kz) and did an ifft f = ifft(f') and now i have a function where inside a small polygon the function f = 1, and outside f=0, within a cube space of length L. how do i plot a scatter graph for this function where there is a point when f =1, and no...
  37. L

    Bode Plots & High Pass, Low Pass, Band Stop and Pass Frequen

    Homework Statement Hi, I just need some confirmation on 3 questions H(s) = 1/(s+1)^2 1. I was asked to calculate the poles and zeros. I believe zeros: none poles: 2 (or p1,2) = -1 2. I was also asked to calculate the slope of the magnitude response was w -> 0 Here is my sketched graph...
  38. B

    Xmgrace: making one double plot out of two single plots

    Grace plots are typically stored in files with a *.agr extension. Suppose I have two (or more) single plots: plot0.agr plot1.agr ... Suppose I want to combine these plots into a single file, with each plot displayed side-by-side, or a smaller plot within a larger, or whatever. We can call...
  39. H

    Help with contour plots of effective potential in R3BP.

    Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to plot the effective potential for Sun-Jupiter system, to show the lagrangian points in this system. I've converted to a system of units where G=1, m_sun+m_jupiter=1 and R=1, whereby I get the following equation describing the effective potential of a third...
  40. J

    Graphing stress-strain plots on excel

    1. I'm given time (s), extension (mm), tensile stress (mPa), and tensile strain (%) in a table. I'm supposed to graph it on excel, but my graphs don't look at all like a stress-strain graph. 2. I think it's probably because I'm using tensile stress or strain? Or is it an excel error I'm doing...
  41. ChrisVer

    Signal vs Bkg efficiency plots

    What information can one obtain from the plots of the background vs signal efficiency? \epsilon_{bkg}(\epsilon_{sig})? In particular I attach some plots I made by hand and I want to understand how to obtain what each tells us.
  42. E

    Re-scaling Functions under the Same Axes

    Consider two functions ##f\left(x, y\right)## and ##g\left(px, qy\right)##, where ##p## and ##q## are known. How can I plot the two functions on the same graph (i.e. the same axes)? The function ##f\left(x, y\right)## will have axes with values ##x## and ##y##, while the other will have axes...
  43. N

    Reflection - TE and TM phase plots

    Hello everybody, I want to confirm that the following plot is correct, especially with regards to how the phase changes after the critical angle. The professor at my school confirms its correct, but after reviewing the relations, I get an opposite shift for the TE wave. So can you confirm...
  44. P

    Controller Design with Bode Plots

    I have two questions. One theoretical, and one pertaining to the homework question below. The theoretical question for which I am having trouble. When designing a controller to compensate a process using Bode Plots, why does my book seem to just use the forward loop gain rather than the...
  45. _N3WTON_

    Matlab: arrays, matrices, and rotating plots

    Homework Statement Generate a triangle. For this problem, generate a triangle at a grid of points that are finely spaced in the x dimension. The triangle is defined as follows: -Side 1: y = 0 for x = 0 to 2 -Side 2: x = 0 for y = 0 to 1 -Hypotenuse: y = 1-0.5x for x = 0 to 2 Alternatively, the...
  46. frejatroop

    How to display variables on MATLAB plots

    The question gives the code for MATLAB to solve Hill equation with 5 different values of distance x, which will generate 5 plots on same axis. But the plots will be Force versus time. The question ask you to interpret the relationship between X and F(t). How do I know this plot represents...
  47. D

    MHB Plot 3D phase and magnitude plots

    How would I plot a 3D phase and magnitude plot for the function \(z^{1/3}\) in Matlab? n = 3; % number of roots m = 18; % grid number r = (0:m)'/m; % radius vector theta = pi*(-n*m:n*m)/m; % angle vector z =...
  48. D

    MHB Plotting Complex Functions: Does it Look Like a Riemann Surface?

    I plotted the real and imaginary parts of a complex function \(z^{1/3}\). The two plots are similar to the Riemann surface is that correct?
  49. T

    MHB Application to graph plots and download or copy them

    Is there an application to graph plots then download or copy the image?Thanks, Tim
  50. gfd43tg

    Using Levenspiel Plots to Figure Out CSTR Volume

    Hello, I am having some difficulty with levenspiel plots, in particular when dealing with a CSTR and when the reaction rate is increasing with conversion. I will give an example plot to demonstrate my point. Assume we are trying to find the volume of a CSTR necessary to reach a conversion of...