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How to find 1 honest man out of 99 with $100 dollars?

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    While hiking through the mountains, you get lost and end up in a village, population 99. You only have $200 left. Everyone is greedy, so they won't do anything for free. The majority of the townsfolk are also honest, but some are troublemakers. You need to hire one of the honest citizens as your guide home, which will cost $100. But first you need to nd one that is honest. For $1, you can ask any villager if another villager is honest. If you ask an honest villager, they tell the truth. If you ask a troublemakers, they might say anything. (The villagers don't understand other kinds of questions.)
    Come up with a way to nd an honest villager for sure, and with enough money left to get home.

    1. the villagers do NOT understand any other questions
    2. the troublemakers may lie OR tell the truth
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    1. the villagers do NOT understand any other questions
    Then how would an honest villager know what you mean when you ask for a guide if they do not understand any other question except "Is he honest?"
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