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Automotive How to find "equivalent stiffness" of the suspension system?

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    Dude i have a problem to find the equivalent stiffness (k') and damping (c') of this equation ? thank youvery much physics forum

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    You may want to look into potential energy methods
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    You add up and combine all of the spring energies taking into account springs in series act like resistors in parallel, then you factor out your x or theta if its rotational isolating the stiffnesses. Potential energy V=k(eq)*x^2

    You'll end up with something like V=( terms with k )*x^2
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    Not sure how to factor dampers into a stiffness i feel like they would be ignored

    Only other thing i know to do is to write out the fbd of your masses and the middle section on the 2nd image, laplace transform the system equations and get the transfer functions but I'm not sure if that helps you
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