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How to find how many people seeing only indians film

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    Hi all

    I am facing a bit problem with this query.Can any one help me out of this??

    In film criticis process

    62 people seeing US based film,
    75 people seeing Indians film,
    86 people seeing chinese film,
    45 peoples seeing both US and indians film,
    34 people seeing both Indians andchinese film,
    26 people seeing chinese and US based film.
    3 people seeing both the 3 films.

    1.how many people seeing only indians film?
    2.how many people seeing both chinese and US based film?

    thank you
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    Use a Venn diagram to keep track of your arithmetic. Draw 3 circles, representing people who saw a Chinese film, people who saw an Indian film, and people who saw a US film. Draw the circles so they all overlap. Label the 3 circles C, I,and U. You should have 7 areas in the circles: 3 places where you have only one circle, 3 places where 2 of the circles overlap, 1 place where all 3 circles overlap. The section where all three circles overlap represents people who saw all 3 films. You are told that 3 people saw all 3 so write "3" in that. Now look at the section where only the C and I circles overlap. That represents people who saw both Chinese and Indian films but not all 3. Since you are have "34 people seeing both Indians and Chinese film" but that includes the 3 who saw all 3, subtract 3 to get 34- 3= 31 people saw only the Indian and Chinese films. Write the number 31 in there. Do the same where the C and U and I and U circles overlap. Once you have the correct numbers in the "C and I" overlap and the "U and I" overlap, You know what number to subtract from "75 seeing Indians film" to find how many people saw only the Indian film.
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