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How to find PhD position in my special situation?

  1. Dec 27, 2013 #1
    I am somewhat expert at solid state physics but I don't have good marks in my both undergraduate and graduate careers because I have always been involved in details and delved into deep physical concepts rather than preoccupied by exams. I am now PhD student but my university never meets my expectations. I think (don't regard as my selfishness) my knowledge is beyond my university level and I feel I have to study in a high-rank university in Europe. What is the best I can do in this situation? Could anyone please help me?
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    One approach is to e-mail people who do research that you have experience for. Relevant quality research experience trumps marks, in my opinion. Also, there's are academic and career guidance sections at the top of the forum index.
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    I'm afraid that the field is full of people who think they are simply too brilliant to get good grades. Only a tiny, tiny fraction actually are. Even if you are in that tiny fraction, you're going to get lumped in with everybody else. You need to stand out with letters of recommendation and published research that exceeds the record of the typical European student with better grades than yours.
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    You're either trolling or delusional about your "expertise" and have been reading too many pop science books.

    Explain why you feel your knowledge is beyond the level of your University.... yet you cannot manage to get good grades. Saying that you've always been "involved in details and delved into deep physical concepts rather than preoccupied exams" means practically nothing.
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    Since you already are a PhD student the obvious route would be to produce a lot of kick-*** results in your research.

    EDIT: kick-butt? kick-bottom? kick-lowerback?
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