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How to fix pressure transducer to Hydraulic line

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    Dear Experts,

    I want to put new feature for my hydraulic pressing station (capacity:-350TON).
    present it existing with dial type pressure indicators. and directional propositional valve 3/4 for pressure lines.
    here value are made DAIKIN (JSO-G03-2CB-10) this model top side Alean key thread screw we use point for put new PT and measure the pressure? here i attached my hydraulic circuit, please suggest me.
    image is attached.

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    The forces available from the press are 150 and 350 tonne.
    The low and high oil pressure circuits are listed as 70 kg/cm2 and 500 kg/cm2.
    I believe the hexagonal Allen key plugs give an alternative access for the electrical conduit.
    You will need to access the oil pressure from the same source as the existing hydraulic gauges.
    That will require a new 'T' connector in the pressure line to attach the new Pressure Transducer.
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