What is Transducer: Definition and 51 Discussions

A transducer is a device that converts energy from one form to another. Usually a transducer converts a signal in one form of energy to a signal in another.Transducers are often employed at the boundaries of automation, measurement, and control systems, where electrical signals are converted to and from other physical quantities (energy, force, torque, light, motion, position, etc.). The process of converting one form of energy to another is known as transduction.

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  1. N

    Finding theoretical impedance of acoustic transducer

    Hi all If we have an acoustic transducer and values of its two parameters are known, i.e conductance and capacitance, is it possible to calculate impedance using these two parameters? Thanks
  2. curiously new

    A Calculating noise of a transducer from molecular vibration

    I'd like approximate the noise floor of an ultrasonic air transducer starting from molecular vibrations. Simply put, if I treat atmospheric air as an ideal gas and I confine each air molecule to exist in a volumetric cube with a square face ##A_\mathrm{face}##, then I approximate the number of...
  3. N

    High Power Amplifier for Acoustic Transducer

    Hi all I am in search of a Power Amplifier (preferably Solid state pulsed amplifier ) which is able to output around 340 Vrms across 25 ohm impedance load (acoustic transducer operating at approx 4.5 KW) in pulsed mode with duty cycle less than 1%, maximum pulse length of 5 ms and operating...
  4. D

    Why does piezoelectric need amplifying?

    Homework Statement Descibe[/B] in detail the contruction of a piezoelectric device (ultrasound machiene) and how it works. And explain why the singal from that device need amplification Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Electrical current passes to the piezoelectric crystal...
  5. C

    I Analysis of Ultrasonic Waves at a point

    I have a question regarding a theoretical analysis of Ultrasonic waves : The next picture represents a system of transducers sitting on fixed boards: Datum: * there are 4 transducers ( represented by blue color , indexed by letter ' T ' ) , each outputting Ultrasonic wave (represented by...
  6. M

    I Effects of Ultrasonic Transducer in contact with glass

    I'm looking for a way of using ultrasonic cleaning to clean the inside of a glass vessel filled with some sort of fluid by transmitting ultrasounds through the glass, rather than submerging the entire glass vessel. If an ultrasonic transducer, let's say something with a maximum frequency of 40...
  7. Esfand Yar Ali

    Piezoelectric transducer current

    How can I increase the output current from a piezoelectric trasnducer using PZT ceramic? The requirement is about 1.2 Amp but currently I'm only getting about 0.2 mA per unit.
  8. nothing909

    Transducer Selection for SRM: Tachometer & Beyond

    Homework Statement I have built the circuit shown in the attached image. It is a switching circuit for a switched reluctance motor. I need to add some sort of transducer to improve the circuit and then explain how to integrate it into the circuit. I'm just looking for suggestions as to what...
  9. P

    Damping coefficient in RLC model (piezoelectric transducer)

    Hello! I am a university student working on a project regarding a piezoelectric patch transducer, and RLC modelling of said transducer. Edit: After reading the rule post i think i should clarify this is not coursework homework, this is a thesis project. The short version of my question is how...
  10. nigol

    Transducer magnet and making sense of a sound pickup

    Hey I am a layperson, and have very little understanding of physics. I'm trying to understand the relation between a magnetic field and air and how they are similar or dissimilar in terms of disturbance in them. Let me lay out the context from which I came to think about the question...
  11. Sveral

    Can a Piezoelectric Transducer Double as a Microphone?

    Hello, I wanted to know, if a piezoelectric transducer can be used similarly to a microphone to output sound, when connected to the user? Here`s an example...
  12. W

    Unwanted noise in oscilloscope diaplay

    Hi I'm a beginner on using an oscilloscope and I'm sorry if my question may be repeated in other posts. I was working on a circuit with the following materials: (1) an Al plate (5mm thick) (2) a disk-shaped piezo transducer with special electrodes (product...
  13. putta

    How to fix pressure transducer to Hydraulic line

    Dear Experts, I want to put new feature for my hydraulic pressing station (capacity:-350TON). present it existing with dial type pressure indicators. and directional propositional valve 3/4 for pressure lines. here value are made DAIKIN (JSO-G03-2CB-10) this model top side Alean key thread...
  14. erashish14

    Outout difference between different size piezo disc

    Hi Experts, I'm preparing piezo electric generator project, but when I'm searching for piezo disc for my project, i came across different sizes of piezo electric disc, but i didn't found any datasheet, My question is what's the output voltage/power difference between different diameter...
  15. B

    Coil Winding Direction: Clockwise vs Counter-Clockwise

    I am wrapping a transducer coil and had a question with the winding direction. Let's say that I am wrapping the wire around a bolt in a clockwise direction. After I reach the halfway point of the wire, if I then reversed the direction I am winding to counter-clockwise, what would it do? I am...
  16. Merttt

    Accuracy of Transducer: Measurement in Pascal?

    Hello everyone; My transducer manufacturer says that the accuracy of the pressure measurement device is 0.5% in full scale of PSI. However, I don't use Psi but Pascal. Is it the same value for pascal as well? When I make measurement I will get 0.5% error in pascal too? Thank you.
  17. SmritiB

    Compression on Piezoelectric crstals

    Can piezoelectric crystals produce electricity from compression only ? When continuous compression and tensile forces on them generate AC voltage source, can only compression force give me a DC voltage source ? Is there a chance that the crystal will initially act as a Voltage source but soon...
  18. can12345

    Correction Of Transfer Function

    Hello everyone; My question is regarding to velocity effect on transducer diaphragm. When fluid flow is acting to differential pressure transducer's diaphragm, the diaphragm is osculating(vibrating) and there will be fluid flow which is transverse(opposite flow,back flow) to normal fluid flow...
  19. chadsalt

    Engineering Electronics textbook recommendations to self-learn

    Hi all, I am starting an internship with Lockheed Martin on Tuesday, May 26. I have just been notified of my duties, which will involve resolving issues with hydrophones/transducers. I am looking for recommendations of good textbooks that I could refer to during this internship. I am a rising...
  20. I

    Is there an electromagnetic transducer to melt ice?

    Hi I have a project to were I would like to melt ice from several feet away. Is there an electromagnetic transducer that I can operate to melt ice? What resonate frequency would I need to use? Any ideas? Thanks
  21. B

    What Factors Affect Ultrasound Penetration Depth?

    Hi, I want to calculate the penetration depth of some different frequency ultrasound transducers. I know that it depends on the attenuation of the medium but not sure where these types of figures will be hiding. I assume that once the dB lost for the depth is equal to the dB generated, this is...
  22. V

    Shannon Information Theory: Transducer Entropy doesn't increase

    HI, I am reading Shannon's paper on Theory of Communication and I having trouble with a concept. Shannon writes: The output of a finite state transducer driven by a finite state statistical source is a finite state statistical source, with entropy (per unit time) less than or equal to that of...
  23. T

    Ultrasonic Standing Wave Suspension could the transducer support itself?

    Ultrasonic Standing Wave Suspension could the transducer support itself? Essentially looking at items that state a surface area of 1m2 could support 11.5kn at 16 Watts (Hemsel, 2013) could the transducer suspend itself from the reflector using the same theory even though the suspension point is...
  24. Z

    One dimensional transducer data

    I posted this in Introductory Physics but not sure if that was right so I have posted here as well hope that's ok. Homework Statement To run a one dimensional transducer modelling program and analyse the data. The attempt at a solution I have ran the modelling program for different...
  25. Z

    One dimensional transducer data

    Homework Statement To run a one dimensional transducer modelling program and analyse the data. The Attempt at a Solution I have ran the modelling program for different scenarios, first the transducer itself, then with a layer of water on one side, then with a matching layer between the...
  26. T

    Wondering about the initial signal from ultrasonic transducer

    Hi, I have two ultrasonic transducers and a pulser-receiver(5072PR). One is the contact transducer, A120S (6MHz), from Olympus and the other is also contact mode transducer, but it is a customized ring-type transducer (2.X MHz) (like doughnut). I have two questions. First, when I turn on...
  27. G

    Hooking up an ultrasonic transducer?

    Hello, Sorry if this seems like a very basic question to experienced engineers, but I'm a beginner in this area just looking to learn--- I thought up a research project, one of the components in which I need to generate ultrasonic waves. There were scrapped ultrasonic ring transducers (look...
  28. R

    Ultrasonic Transducer interfacing help.

    Yesterday I bought an Ultrasonic Transducer pair. i am trying to work with it. i am giving a 40khz square wave 14Vpp(peak to peak) to the transmitter and trying to receive it through the receiving transducer. but cannot get any voltage at the receiver. please help me out...
  29. F

    Ultrasonic transducer for standing waves underwater

    Hi I'm not too sure where to post this but since I am, after all, doing a project under the EE department, I thought this might be the best place. I'm new to acoustics, so what I know is rather minimum. I'm trying to look for ultrasonic transducers that can manipulate objects...
  30. P

    Troubleshooting My DIY Capacitive Transducer

    i built a parallel plate capacitor with brass plates to make water level transducer. A= 12cmx2cm, d=2mm. but the capacitance i measure is μF which far more bigger then theory calculation when it immersed into water. anyone can help?pls
  31. F

    Qestion about pressure transducer

    i have to install a pressure transducer to convert the pressure value to volume, but its not the problem, the shape of the water tank , the water tank like cylinder but the base is concave to the bottom, how can i do that ? please thank you all
  32. T

    Constructing a hall effect transducer

    Is it possible to construct a hall effect transducer without the use of p-type semiconductors? I've been looking into the fundamental design of a hall effect sensor, and it generally comprises some amplification/thermal control bits and pieces that all are bound to the most important part, the...
  33. T

    Capacitive Pressure Transducer

    I'm using a http://www.setra.com/ProductDetails/264_HVAC.htm" to measure pressure differences in a water manometer. However, I am getting outputs in voltage using a voltmeter and want to know how to convert these voltages to pressure in mm H2O.
  34. B

    Find Constant of Proportionality for Current Transducer

    Homework Statement The output voltage of a current transducer is proportional to the the current it is detecting/reading. i need to know the constant of proportionality. apparently I should be able to find this on just on a datasheet. Homework Equations Vout= K*I. what is K? The...
  35. U

    How Can I Read Sound Frequencies with a Controller?

    Hi all, I was wondering how I would go about reading sound frequencies with a controller. Would I need like a microphone and some secondary chip to convert the signal? Any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: I probably need a low frequency one, between 50-500 Hz
  36. 3

    Ultrasonic transducer pretty much another SHM problem

    Homework Statement An ultrasonic transducer, of the type used medical ultrasound imaging, is avery thin disk (m=0.10 g) driven back and forth in SHM at 1.0 MHz by an electromagnetic coil. a. The maximum restoring force that can be applied to the disk without breaking it is 40,000 N...
  37. J

    Help with ultrasonic transducer assembly

    Hi, I'm looking for some help. I don't know a thing about electrical engineering except what I've been reading trying to learn about this stuff to solve my problem. I'll tell you for me its like reading something that has been translated into Chinese then to Greek then back to English by a...
  38. E

    Modeling of an acoustic transducer and calculation of force

    Dear all, This problem is on the modeling of an unfocused receiving acoustic transducer and compute the electric signal due to the pressure field. I have come up with this simple model in 2D. Basically, the transducer has a flat surface S and the surface is assumed moving in the direction...
  39. J

    Transducer Amplifier: Benefits & Use for 0-30mV Output

    Hi there. I currently have a system that is about to have a load cell installed. The output of the load cell with the 15V excitation voltage will be 0-30mv (2mv/V sensitivity). Now forgive me for asking, as I am not knowledgeable in this area (I have some electronics background, being a...
  40. A

    Connect pressure transducer o/p to gauge?

    just some dilemma I ran into I have an experimental setup with a pressure transducer output connections (wires)...I deemed now that a pressure gauge alone will suffice. How do I connect the wires to a pressure gauge? Or do I need to re-do everything?
  41. T

    Dynamic resistance vs temperature measurement for ribbon transducer

    I'm interested in doing an experimental analysis of ribbon transducers to contrast with simulations. This data could be made available to the community to aid in transducer development. A ribbon transducer consists of a rectangular element of metal foil suspended within a magnetic gap and...
  42. T

    Variable tension apparatus for transducer analysis

    I'm interested in building a ribbon loudspeaker in my free time over Christmas break and would like to drive it directly. Following the resolution of some meetings with faculty in the engineering department, I might be able to gain access to the Universities Laser Vibrometer and Anechoic chamber...
  43. J

    Frequency question - 555 timer driving a transducer

    1. For a school project we're building an emergency braking system. In addition, we also want to trigger an audio-visual alarm system to alert a third party to the operation of the system. For the alarm system we are using a 555 timer to generate a squarewave output to alternate a buzzer between...
  44. H

    Voltage output pressure transducer ?

    Hi everyone ! I am new here. I am currently a mechanical engineering student who's doing a project involving control systems and regenerative braking. So far my system of parts include a Pressure transducer attached to a foot pedal. When the brakes are applied the pressure transducer will...
  45. C

    What Minimum Depth Is Recommended for Imaging with a Pulse-Echo Transducer?

    Homework Statement When characterizing tissue with the pulse echo imaging method. it is important that the intensity distribution in both tjhe axial and lateral direction is as uniform as possible. what is the minimum depth in tissue you should recommend to employ for imaging purposes with...
  46. C

    Water psi effect on boat transducer

    I am seeking a general answer relative to boat speed and psi effect on a transducer. I understand many variables affect this, ie, salinity, current, etc. Assuming a transducer mounted on the back of a boat hangs below into the water 1/4", water forces increase against this object as boat speed...
  47. A

    Piezo electric transducer used as a receiver

    Hi, Is it possible? I've found quite a few piezo electric transducers on rs.com but I wonder are they only good for transmitting or could they be used as a receiver with a really good pre-amp? Can anyone tell me? If so will they lose some of their response at low frequencies when used in...
  48. B

    Powering a Piezoelectric Transducer - Brett

    Hi there, I am trying to power a piezielectric transducer that can operate between 0 watts and 50 watts (max). I have a function generator to generate a sine wave at 40 kHz. I am not sure how to go about taking the output of the function generator and connecting the piezoelectric...
  49. cronxeh

    Looking for ultrasound transducer

    I can't seem to find a simple ultrasound transducer probe (that won't have "medical" tagged on it, hiking up the price). I need at least 1.2-2.5 mhz, 360 deg cone, high power. Dual element PZT. This is for marine application (side scan sonar/ROV imaging). Can anyone tell me where I can find...
  50. V

    Dual sensitivity problem involving transducer (ECE)

    Hi, I have a question about calculating the error of the transducer. A pressure transducer exhibits a temperature sensitivity of 0.05 units per degree Celsius and a pressure sensitivity of 5 units per MPa. If the temperature changes 30 degrees celsius during a measurement of a pressure of...