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How to get involved in research as a transfer

  1. Jun 23, 2015 #1
    I got accepted into a nice university not to long ago. I have been a cc student for 2 years, making me a transfer student. I will be studying physics and i would really like to be involved in RUE's/Research Groups/Research in General.

    My only problem is, i have no clue on who to approach, who to talk to, or how to seem impressive.

    Has anyone gone through something like this and is willing to share advice?
    If so, I'd greatly appreciate whatever way you can help.
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    Check the faculty pages at your university to see what professors do work that interest you. If you've got local physics organization chapters at your school, join them, and ask around to see if any of them have done research with faculty (in a physics department, chances are, someone will be able to help you). Good luck!
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    Typically you start by asking around. A good place to start is with your own professors. You can approach them during office hours and ask if they are aware of any opportunities for you to get involved with research.

    Another good place is other students. If you have a physics student society, go to their meetings and talk with the senior undergrads.

    Go to colloquia - departmental presentations put on by professors either in the department or who have come in from outside. This is a great place to meet informally with professors, post-docs and graduate students. Ask around if anyone knows about research opportunities.

    You can also email professors at your school who are doing research that you're interested in. They might not always answer, but sometimes they will.
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