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How to insert genes in a plant?

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    How can I insert pieces of other plant genes into another different specie of plant.
    I want to create new plants, so I would know the process.
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    The easiest way: Study biology, look for a working group doing something similar and join them. Long before you have the required knowledge to do this, you'll know several methods to transfer genes.
    Plants are not lego, you cannot just put a random gene of one plant into another and get something interesting new.
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    When I worked in an experimental lab, we used viral vectors with C. elegans.
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    You know any group on the net that are involved in such task?
    I've asked to some people near of me and no one is involved in any similar project, so I've to check the internet to find it.
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    Similar thing here except we used bacteriophages as viral vectors with bacteria.

    I've never worked with plants before but a quick glance at Wikipedia tells me that they use gene guns that directly inject the genetic material through the cell wall in the form of metal particles coated with plasmid DNA, as well as a completely different process involving a species of bacterium that is able to integrate its plasmid DNA into a plant host.
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    You need a gene gun to insert plasmids into plant material, IIRC you have to prepare the seeds to be more receptive (this involves removing any outer shells) before firing plasmid loaded particles into them.

    What background do you have in plant biology and genetics? Do you know how to design and construct plasmids? Do you have access to relevant equipment? If not then I advise that you seek out education and employment in this field as mfb has said.

    Either way it would be helpful if you could provide information as to what your goal is and what means you have to do it so people can help you properly rather than having to guess whether to pitch their answers towards an amateur aiming to do work in their garage or a PhD student wanting to cross disciplines.
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