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How to know when someone replied to my posts?

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    How to know when someone replied to my posts?
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    Hi Synchronised! :smile:

    You receive an email notification whenever anyone posts in a thread you've subscribed to.

    You should be automatically subscribed to any thread you've posted in …

    if you're not getting the emails, check your settings at "Default Thread Subscription Mode" in Edit Options in My PF. :wink:
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    I don't remember, but I don't think thats not how the system is set up by default.

    But you are right that it can work this way, and that it can be set up in the profile.
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    I do think that this is the default. When I signed up here (long ago), I received notifications without having to change my profile settings. But perhaps Greg changed it.
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    Oh yes, I checked my email and there are 44 unread messages haha
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