How to light Coal with matches only

  1. Hi everyone ,,

    Am doing a project and I want to light coal with matches only ,, I have 2 Ideas only , mix coal with sulfur or mix it with petroleum fuel .. I want to know will it light using any of those methods ?? with only matches ? Is it safe ? and will there be any smell out of it ??

    If anyone have any other ideas on how to light coal please share ..
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  3. Borek

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    Lump of coal? Coal dust?

    Think about it: it is not possible to ignite a timber, but splinter will ignite right away.
  4. it is coal dust .. will it ignite with only 1 matches ?
  5. Borek

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  6. thx alot ,, i'll try it at home :D
  7. Borek

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    Better not.
  8. I used light coal instead of powder. Am lighting it using a candle wick on top of it .. Doing that I noticed 2 things , the string make a smell and it is hard to stick the candle wick on top of the coal. Is there a solution for those 2 problems ??

    If I mix the candle wick with oily perfume, would that change the smell ??
    How can I stick the candle wick to the coal ?? is there a way ?
  9. Do not repeat not try using petroleum with a match, unless you want a Darwin Award.
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