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How to make a motorized pounding mallet

  1. Jul 27, 2011 #1
    Hi all,

    I hope I've come to the right place. I need to make a large scale pounding mallet that can repeat a pound every 5 seconds or so. I'd be using a mallet approximately 300mm in diameter. It would pound away at a large cube of compounded dirt - a mud brick of sorts - that is roughly 1.5sqm or so.

    i did a very rough sketch of what i assume it will require:
    2 x a frame supports on either side of the mallet
    1 x rod attached

    I also assume that some weight bar will be required on the end of the mallet stick to allow for a pendulum like motion.

    If I've come to the wrong place, sorry. If not, I hope you can help. So sue me for being an artist.


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    something like this...? http://homepage.mac.com/sami_ashhab/courses/strength/subjects/impact/impact.html [Broken]

    but it should be stressed that this is a temporal piece of equipment being made for non industrial use. it'll be used for a visual art exhibition, so the materials are preferably cheap and easy to assemble.

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    You could use a cam to raise the hammer and let it fall. The cam would have a gentle slope for raising the hammer, with a step change to let the hammer free fall. Such mechanisms were used with water power from the middle ages on, and are still used in some industrial processes. The rate of hammering blows is controlled by how fast the cam rotates.
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    How about something like a blacksmith's forging hammer (aka, power hammer)?
    Here's a home-made one:
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