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How to make a plot on an experimental figure

  1. Sep 14, 2016 #1
    Hi all,

    What is the tool which can add my Listplot graph like:


    to an experimental figure as following: such that the (x-y) axes coincidence in both figure and graph:

    Actually I tried Mathematica as:

    Code (Text):
    data27 = Import["~/Events/scan.dat"];
    idata27 = Table[{data27[[i, 2]], data27[[i, 3]]*10^3}, {i, 1,Length[data27]}];
    sh = Show[
      ListLogPlot[idata27, Axes -> True, Frame -> True, Joined -> True],
      PlotRange -> {{150, 1300}, {Log[10], Log[10000]}}, ImageSize -> 600]

    mm = Import["~/Desktop/search/CMS-PAS-HIG-16-002_Figure_007.png",
      ImageSize -> 600]

    Overlay[{mm, sh}, Alignment -> {-0.4, -0.6}]

    But i ended up by:


    So any help to got my graph JUST AS the blue theoretical line appears in the figure ?

    Best ..

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    You'll need ideally the ROOT file used to make the CMS plot, or alternatively some program that can analyze the existing image and figure out where the axes are. There are tools that can do that, but I don't know them. Once you have that you can scale your data to figure out the coordinates of your lines, and add those to the image.
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