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How to make nickel gallium compund? Basic advice / direction

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    I wish to make Ni5Ga3 for use in an experiment, it needs to be in powder form. Please could someone direct me to a place where the methodology can be found? I usually order chemicals online, but my supplier (Sigma) does not have this compound so I need to make it.

    Also I need to consider the safety aspects of it's use, is there a place where this compund will be listed and any dangers associated with it (like an SDS form)?

    Apologies if this is a stupid question, my background is Physics and I have very little chemistry experience.

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    its okay I found a method:

    Ni-Ga catalysts were prepared using incipient wetness impregnation of a mixed
    aqueous solution of nickel and gallium nitrates (Sigma Aldrich) on silica (Saint-
    Gobain NorPro). The samples were directly reduced in H2 for 2 h at 700 8C.

    Whatever incipient wetness impregnation is, will look it up.

    Thanks anyway
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