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Matlab How to set zero value boxes transparent in 3D plots?

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    I used a function called ind2patch to make a big 3D block which contains a number of smaller blocks in 3 dimensions. Each small block has a value which the magnitude is represented by a color.One example is shown below:
    However, most of the boxes have very low or zero value and I don't need to show them. How can I make these boxes transparent? I just want to show the boxes with non-zero value.

    For the above 3D plot I use a matrix M to store the value of each box (i,j,k) and use the following algorithm to plot:

    [F,V,C]=ind2patch(indPatch,M,'v'); %Call the function ind2patch in order to plot 3D cube with color

    xlabel('y','fontsize',20);ylabel('x','fontsize',20); zlabel('z','fontsize',20); hold on;
    set(get(gca,'xlabel'),'Position',[5 -50 30]); %set position of axis label
    set(get(gca,'ylabel'),'Position',[5 50 -15]);
    set(get(gca,'zlabel'),'Position',[64 190 -60]);
    axis equal; view(3); axis tight; axis vis3d; grid off;
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    The person who wrote that function provided an example where he does what you are asking. Did you look at his example?
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