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Many ceramic materials, both glassy and crystalline, have found use as optically transparent materials in various forms from bulk solid-state components to high surface area forms such as thin films, coatings, and fibers. Such devices have found widespread use for various applications in the electro-optical field including: optical fibers for guided lightwave transmission, optical switches, laser amplifiers and lenses, hosts for solid-state lasers and optical window materials for gas lasers, and infrared (IR) heat seeking devices for missile guidance systems and IR night vision.While single-crystalline ceramics may be largely defect-free (particularly within the spatial scale of the incident light wave), optical transparency in polycrystalline materials is limited by the amount of light that is scattered by their microstructural features. The amount of light scattering therefore depends on the wavelength of the incident radiation, or light.For example, since visible light has a wavelength scale on the order of hundreds of nanometers, scattering centers will have dimensions on a similar spatial scale. Most ceramic materials, such as alumina and its compounds, are formed from fine powders, yielding a fine grained polycrystalline microstructure that is filled with scattering centers comparable to the wavelength of visible light. Thus, they are generally opaque as opposed to transparent materials. Recent nanoscale technology, however, has made possible the production of (poly)crystalline transparent ceramics such as alumina Al2O3, yttria alumina garnet (YAG), and neodymium-doped Nd:YAG.

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  1. M

    Mathematica Export RevolutionPlot3D with transparent background

    Hi PF! Given the following: test = RevolutionPlot3D[t^4 - t^2, {t, 0, 1}, Background -> None] Export["test.eps", Rasterize[test, Background -> None]] The background is not transparent. Any idea how to do this? I've checked all over the internet, and nothing seems to work. Thanks for the...
  2. L

    Transparent surfaces that become opaque

    Are there any materials that go from transparent to opaque when a bright light is shined on it? In particular I would like something that acts like a window until I project a movie onto it and then is opaque in the regions where the light hits it at certain levels of brightness.
  3. M

    Potential solution:Uses of Transparent Semiconductors: FTO and ITO explained

    Summary:: What is the advantage of transparent semiconductors such as Fluorine doped tin oxide over main semiconductors? What is the advantage of transparent semiconductors such as Fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO) and Indium tin oxide (ITO) over main semiconductors? Please explain the uses of...
  4. M

    Wavelength of a transparent medicine

    Summary:: Is there a way to find the wavelength of a transparent medicine without adding a color to it? I have a transparent substance (medicine) . I cannot find out its wavelength without having to add color to it. However I don't want to change any of its characteristics. Is there a way to...
  5. S

    B Glass in flatbed scanner transparent to UV-C (~254nm)?

    Hello, I am making a DIY UV-C germicidal box as part of my defense-in-depth strategy for protecting my household but I am having trouble determining whether a particular plate of glass that I have will be transparent to UV in the 250-280nm range. The glass in question is from a flatbed scanner...
  6. H

    B If space is transparent how can we not view light from a black hole

    If space is transparent how can we not view light from a black hole
  7. A

    Magnetic levitation of a ball within a transparent tube

    Hi, after reading much interesting information on the subject I want to made a small project, the idea is to have a transparent plexiglass tube and a (diamagnetic?) material ball within the tube and to have permanent magnets outside the tube in such a way that I can suspend the ball so that it...
  8. Sophrosyne

    Why light slows in transparent media

    I was watching this video by Don Lincoln, one of the senior researchers at FermiLab, on the the reason light slows down in transparent media (air, water, glass, plastic, etc...). He explains that the photons excite the electrons in the medium, which in turn add to the wave (or at least that's...
  9. fluidistic

    A Photons through transparent materials, what's going on?

    I have read, heard and seen texts and youtube videos about the slowing down of light through matter, and also about why some materials are transparent. I am satisfied with the explanation of the slowing down of photons through matter, but not the explanation of why materials are transparent. I...
  10. N

    Optics to act as a mirror or transparent medium depending on incident angle

    I am looking for an optical piece that can act as a mirror when the angle of incidence is close to normal (90 degrees) but acts as a see-through glass when the angle of incidence is less than 60 degrees? Alternatively it can be a filter placed in front of a mirror that passes a lot of light at...
  11. Tone L

    Searching for a strong inflexible plastic that is transparent

    Hi all, I think this is the right place to post this?! Material sciences.. Nonetheless, I am searching for a strong inflexible plastic, that is transparent. The principle job of the plastic is to be a long piece with a sensor attaching at the end. The sensor will weigh about 2kg, putting a...
  12. A

    B What easily avaible liquids are transparent in IR?

    Hi I want to make a infrared nonimaging concentrator, but since crystals needed for lenses are difficult to work with for an amateur, want to use liquids. I am interested in the 1-12 micron spectrum; what liquids could i use?
  13. pairofstrings

    Digital Transparent Glass; what's its name?

    Hi. I need to know the name of the transparent glass which can display objects like Line, Circle, Numbers, or maybe my name. Thanks!
  14. K

    Transparent conductor on transparent plastic film?

    Need two transparent conductors in an arrangment like this on a transparent plastic film. Such as ITO on PET. But it doesn't have to be ITO necessarily. There are going to be much more fingers and size of the lanes and their gaps are going to be sub milimeter, so hand drawing is out of the...
  15. Noisy Rhysling

    Can Transparent Solar Panels Power Skyscrapers in the Future?

    Transparent solar technology represents 'wave of the future' https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/10/171023123526.htm Date: October 23, 2017 Source: Michigan State University Summary: See-through solar materials that can be applied to windows represent a massive source of untapped...
  16. D

    Thermal radiation in transparent objects

    Every objects emit thermal radiation. Now consider this case: Sun emits waves in a certian electromagneic spectrum (UV + thermal radiation + ecc...); glass is transparent to thermal radiation that usually reach Earth's surface. UV and other radiations are mainly absorbed by Ozone and other...
  17. C.Braestrup

    Microwave transparent material for ESR/EPR spectrometer

    Hi! Completely forgot about this great forum! I'm designing an electron spin resonance /electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer, as an easier vacation from my diy NMR - while still utilizing much of the same setup. Issue is; I have an X-band (~12GHz) waveguide cavity in a magnet, and I...
  18. T

    Waterproof but transparent material

    Hi all, I'd like to know what is the most transparent material that;s waterproof, but not as brittle as glass. I want to put a "roofing" on a section in my balcony where I usually hang my clothes to dry and disinfect them under the sun, but I don't want to run all the way up everytime it rains...
  19. F

    Magnitude of charge with common Transparent tape

    Homework Statement a) Common transparent tape becomes charged when pulled from a dispenser. If one piece is placed above another, the repulsive force can be great enough to support the top piece’s weight. Assuming equal point charges (only an approximation), calculate the magnitude of the...
  20. F

    3D Printing a transparent plastic object....

    Hello Forum, I am new to 3D printing and wondering if any of you have been able to print transparent plastic object with 3D printing. It seems that translucency is the best that we can get. Is that true? Are today's affordable 3D printer still only work with PLA and ABS or are there other more...
  21. rasmusrasmusson

    I Switchable glass question (from transparent to a pure white)

    Is there a material that changes from transparent to a pure white, ideally with reflective ability. Smart glass almost does this but falls short on it but being white enough (and not reflective).
  22. S

    Why is it that cocaine crystals aren't transparent

    So I admittedly was a former cocaine user. I've since cleaned up and am back in school and my life is going in the right direction for once. I took a class in organic chemistry this previous semester and we did a lab on recrystallization. I think it was boric acid that I recrystallized, but I...
  23. K

    B Where can I find cuvettes with transparent caps?

    I am a high school student replicating the Faraday Effect. I'm using cuvettes to fill with liquids and air to test the polarization of light. I found cuvettes such as these: The problem is the cap. The cuvettes are to be inserted inside of a solenoid, so the only possible way for them to be...
  24. S

    Which transparent plastics best reflect or absorb IR?

    Among thin plastics, sheets and films, that are highly transparent to visible light, which are also best at reflecting or absorbing IR heat? Are there any spray coatings to enhance a clear plastic surface reflecting even more IR without significantly degrading transparency to visible light...
  25. E

    Why water looks transparent while spray looks white?

    The water looks transparent, but when the water hit the stone, it looks as if it turns white? Why?
  26. S

    A What materials, if any, are transparent to Long Wave IR?

    More specifically, if I have a 100 degree F hot rock in an insulated box with reflective sides and I want it to radiate it's heat away to cooler outer space at night through its open top, what type of material or film could I cover the box with that would assure no air passed in or out, but that...
  27. D

    A Distance based opaque to transparent behaviour

    Hi, Is there any optical sheet or film which is transparent to object only if the object is touching or extremely near to the sheet otherwise it acts as opaque sheet? For example, If we look through a transparent glass window of an apartment, from a distance in day light, we can’t see what or...
  28. N

    Are the energy levels in EV known for glass material

    So in glass, transparent liquids, and plastics is the eV for the electron known to science. The eV levels for electrons in gases are known like in hydrogen, and helium, but are they known for glass, and transparent liquids, and plastics. Or is it just too discernable to get. I am grateful for...
  29. N

    What is the magic number in eV for electrons in glass, transparent....

    - liquids, and plastics for light to transmission completely through the material. Is this eV level known in glass, liquid, and transparent plastics, for electrons to transmission light. Physicists say that "In most solid or liquid substances, the electron structure is so complex that...
  30. J

    Laser Activated transparent ink?

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering if there is any type of transparent ink that could be permanently activated by heat or intense light (laser). Preferably I am planning to use a laser light to activate the ink. I am trying to coat a piece of metal (or paper or etc.) with this ink (which is...
  31. kelvin490

    MATLAB How to set zero value boxes transparent in 3D plots?

    I used a function called ind2patch to make a big 3D block which contains a number of smaller blocks in 3 dimensions. Each small block has a value which the magnitude is represented by a color.One example is shown below: However, most of the boxes have very low or zero value and I don't need to...
  32. Mastico

    Special Ink invisible to the eye

    Greetings all, I am quite new to this forum so please forgive me if this is on the wrong thread. I recently purchased some reflective paint which sprays on clear and appears white/silver once light hits it at night. However I am looking for a type of paint that is invisible to the naked eye...
  33. N

    Can microwaves either change the eV of electrons, or move....

    -the electrons to the same shell levels of glass as the microwaves pass through and heat the material, or move electrons in a opaque material to the same energy levels, or shell levels of glass, and transparent liquids, and some plastics. In a microwave the waves traverse food, and heat the food...
  34. Seanra

    I The speed of light in a medium and path integrals

    So I've heard from multiple sources that one explanation for why light slows down whilst traveling through mediums other than a vacuum is that the light "takes every possible path at the same time" through the medium. Below I've drawn my two possible interpretations of what that means. Can...
  35. N

    How can an electron's energy levels increase, and decrease as atoms come together?

    How can a electrons energy levels increase, and decrease in eV As atoms come together to form molecules the energy levels of electrons change in eV, but are there other ways a electrons eV can change. Can heating a material change the electrons eV level, when visible light hits the electrons...
  36. N

    Could you make an opaque solid matter's electrons have the same....

    ... same energy levels of electrons as in glass. What would it take to change the eV levels of the electrons in the solid opaque matter, to the same energy levels of the electrons in glass. There is nothing necessarily special about glass, it is just a combination of silicon, sodium, and...
  37. N

    Can the Kerr effect have a effect on absorption, and transmission of the electron?

    Can the Kerr effect have a effect on absorption, and transmission, of the electron.? Also is there any way to make electrons move to higher shell levels, without the electrons getting excited by light, and moving to higher Shell's. Or is light absorption the only way for electrons to move to...
  38. N

    What is it about the EM waves that get absorbed by electrons

    What is it about the em waves that get absorbed by electrons compared to em waves that traverse solid material.What is it about that wavelength, or frequency of light, and other em waves that get absorbed by electrons, that makes visible light get absorbed by electrons. Why that specific...
  39. T

    Optically Transparent Piezoelectric Materials

    Does anyone know of any optically transparent (and preferably thin) piezoelectric materials I could use for a science fair project converting pressure on the glass of touch screens to electrical energy?
  40. G

    Lower speed of light inside a transparent medium

    Hi everybody. I had a discussion on another (engineers') forum about the "lower than c" speed of light inside a transparent material (e.g. glass). The explanation that I gave is that the reduction of the light's speed inside such a material is only "apparent" and not "real". The incident photons...
  41. memoryerasure1

    How does light interact, and travel through Solid matter as

    How does light interact, and travel through Solid matter as matter gets thicker, in width.?In the absorbion, and emission process of light, hitting electrons, I do not really understand that much, about electron energy levels, and how they change when a lot of atoms become molecules, and them...
  42. memoryerasure1

    B Could mixing light wavelengths effect absorption, and emissi

    -ion process. The electron when hit by light moves to a higher shell level very briefly, to either shell 1, or 2 depending on the energy of the light wavelength. So because you mixed any EM radiation, with red light which has the lowest energy, could when light, or other EM waves gets absorbed...
  43. N

    B If you raise the electron to other higher shell states, can it affect light transmission?

    If you raise the electron to other higher shell states, can light transmission throug -h a SOLID BLACK opaque object. Modified the original question because it was unclear. I won't repeat the same question over, and over, but what I have said in previous questions may get repeated in the...
  44. N

    B Could the opacity of a material to one band of EM radiation be altered by X-ray illumination?

    -iation. Could the opacity of a material to one band of EM radiation (light) could be altered by irradiating the material with another band of EM radiation (X rays)? I think you are suggesting that: By raising the electrons in the atoms to higher energy bands (with the X rays), so that they will...
  45. H

    Reflective And Transparent 3D material?

    Is there any real-world material that is both reflective and transparent in 3D? A simple plane of glass is 3D and transparent, but reflective only in two 2D planes. I'm looking for something that is reflective in a large number of parallel 2D planes so that the reflection has depth. How...
  46. M

    Why is clear glass see-through but not completely invisible?

    Why is a smooth clean piece of glass transparent but not invisible?
  47. R

    Using lasers to create a luminous spot in transparent medium

    First allow me to apologize should this thread be in the wrong forum, I am not entirely sure whether Quantum Physics is the right one. I am also unaware of the exact level to which this question belongs, which is why I went for intermediate. Please inform me if this should be changed to...
  48. davenn

    U.S. Naval Research Lab develops transparent aluminum

    All the scifi geeks will get this yet again scifi becomes reality http://www.bdcnetwork.com/us-naval-research-lab-develops-transparent-aluminum?eid=223056823&bid=1229250 just a little hint :wink: ...Transparent aluminum ? ... that's the ticket laddie ... it would take year just to figure...
  49. Garlic

    Photons passing through transparent material

    Transparent materials such as glass can let visible light pass through nearly undisturbed. I don't understand how photons just pass through atoms in that material. I can understand the concept of atoms not absorbing the photons in that specific wavelengths, but how can photons avoid deflection...