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How to start? (aim:astronautics)

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    This question might have been repeated quite a lot in these forums but well i rather have a topic of my own to see the answers.

    As the very confusing title of mine suggests , I have set my aim to get in the astronautical engineering. Now since its a very "high tech" segment not many people around me know about it (or even recognize the name for that matter) so its hard for me to research (google is last chance). I know that astronautical engineering is engineering regarding space flight, and i am completely in love with it (since I was 5-6).

    Academic wise i am studding under the IGCSE system ( international GCSE, british system.) and I have recently finished giving my exams (havent received results, waiting till 12th August.) but my predicted grades are 6 As and 2Bs (from total of 8 subjects).

    With that being said. I am now at the point where i am trying to contact universities, (ofcorse i will be studding my A levels *year 12* as well) but i am stuck on what i am actually applying for.

    its the simple question of:

    Should i start from Mechanical Engineering and working my way to Aerospace/Astronautics OR should I just start studding Aerospace from the beginning?

    From my own knowledge, if i start with mechanical i will have more job opportunities if in any way plains and space ships get thrown in the bin. On the other hand i *not wasting* will be spending a lot of time studding mechanical engineering while i could expand and focus my knowledge in the aeronautics/astronautics field.

    All your replys would be very helpful
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    HEY Bro,
    I don't know whether you hhave seen my question or not but actually im going through same predicament....and in two days i've recieved only one reply but i don't want you to be dissapointed ...i'm in contact with some persons who can help us out so don't worry i'll do my best to help us both
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    Great! That would be very hlepful.
    I hope you get your answer too :D
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