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How to teach modern physics for the visually impaired?

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    What is the best way to approach the issue of temporal dilation in a class of the visually impaired?
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    I don't understand why time dilation should present any problems that is not presented by any other math issue. What is it that you think is the issue? It's not necessary to use graphics to explain time dilation since it's just a math thing.
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    I hesitate to contribute as this solution dates to 1983 not specific to teaching physics but concerns improving learning conditions for the visually impaired student.

    My college computer lab modified a few monitors to generate audio output from a DOS text screen CRT. One disabled student could not use head-phones in the crowded lab since he relied on aural cues, another had tremors but could type. The mono speaker was awful and the students had to bend over to hear typing and "reading". We patched in a small stereo amp, added donated speakers and new-at-the-time cubicle sound reduction. The students were pleased though the old voice synthesizers were barely understandable to us admins.

    While this solution is very general, improving audio output signals for the visually impaired student remains logical and may pertain to your class.
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