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Intro Math How to Think Like a Mathematician by Houston

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  1. Jan 24, 2013 #1

    Table of Contents:
    Code (Text):

    [*] Preface
    [*] Study skills for mathematicians
    [*] Sets and functions
    [*] Reading mathematics
    [*] Writing mathematics I
    [*] Writing mathematics II
    [*] How to solve problems
    [*] How to think logically
    [*] Making a statement
    [*] Implications
    [*] Finer points concerning implications
    [*] Converse and equivalence
    [*] Quantifiers - For all and There exists
    [*] Complexity and negation of quantifiers
    [*] Examples and counterexamples
    [*] Summary of logic
    [*] Definition, theorems and proofs
    [*] Definitions, theorems and proofs
    [*] How to read a definition
    [*] How to read a theorem
    [*] Proof
    [*] How to read a proof
    [*] A study of Pythagoras' Theorem
    [*] Techniques of proof
    [*] Techniques of proof I: Direct method
    [*] Some common mistakes
    [*] Techniques of proof II: Proof by cases
    [*] Techniques of proof III: Contradiction
    [*] Techniques of proof IV: Induction
    [*] More sophisticated induction techniques
    [*] Techniques of proof V: Contrapositive method
    [*] Mathematics that all good mathematicians need
    [*] Divisors
    [*] The Euclidean Algorithm
    [*] Modular arithmetic
    [*] Injective, surjective, bijective - and a bit about infinity
    [*] Equivalence relations
    [*] Closing remarks
    [*] Putting it all together
    [*] Generalization and specialization
    [*] True understanding
    [*] The biggest secret
    [*] Appendices
    [*] Greek alphabet
    [*] Commonly used symbols and notation
    [*] How to prove that ...
    [*] Index
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