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How to understand this equation?

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    Hi all,

    I'm not good at calculus, but want to interpret intuitively various equations in engineering papers.
    One of example is below,

    This is an equation for volumetric flow rate.

    Can anybody explain this equation in a easy way or like literature?

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    Without a reference to a paper or book, it is impossible to give you a good explanation of what this equation describes. Throwing out unfamiliar equations without any context is like that, unfortunately.

    There are certain equations, like F = ma or E = mc2 which are universal enough that one can make a reasonable interpretation without much additional information, but your sample equation is not one of these.
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    Try to make sense out of the dimensions. If that's an equation for volumetric flow rate the dimensions must be [L]^3/[t]
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    It might help if you said what each of the symbols represents: V, P, z, ω, μ, α
    and what the formula is supposed to calculate an in what context.
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    It bears a passing resemblance to the Hagen-Poiseuille equation, so I'd hazard a guess that this has something to do with fluid flowing in a pipe (or several pipes, given the summation), but it isn't really a match so I really don't know without any more context.
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