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How to use a rocker switch with three or four terminals

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    I've watched this youtube video : , and understood it only a little so i came here for help.

    How does that three terminal rocker switch work. It says that the terminals are for power, ground and acc.(Is acc accessory which means load??) If for example, i want the switch to control a simple circuit consisting of just a battery and a bulb, should i connect the positive of the battery to the power and the negative to ground, then connect the bulb to the ground and accessory?? It would help if i could find an article showing how the switch works internally, but i just can't find any

    For the rocker switch with four terminals, I really have no idea, but this is how it looks like:
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    When in doubt, just use an Ohm-meter to measure the resistance between the different terminals with the switch in each position. That should show you the continuity options that the switch offers.

    I'm guessing they label the switch with Power, Ground and Accessory because it is a lighted switch? Maybe it turns on (lights) when you flip it to the On position, and also connects the Power input to the Accessory output...
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