How to wirelessly connect laptop to TV

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    Hi guys, I was wondering what is the best way to wirelessly connect my laptops to my TV? I have 3 different laptops: 2 windows 7, and one with Linux (Ubunu/Arch Linux). My TV has built in Wi-fi.

    What i would like to accomplish is have my laptop(s) wirelessly connect to the television so that i can still have my laptop with me on the couch and be able to extend my screen. So i could watch netflix on the TV while chatting or doing whatever else on the laptop screen.

    I have found one solution that i thought was good but, it would not support my Linux Laptop (the device is called the Imation Link).

    If it helps i also plan to have a raspberry pi that is always connected to my TV just for general web surfing/video streaming. Basically i would only plug in my laptops if i was programming, playing some games, preparing a flowchart/powerpoint, etc.

    Any ideas on how i could accomplish this?
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    Well i did some research on these Warpia products but, they do not support Linux operating systems. Now i'm thinking of just having a super long hdmi cable that i just route underneath my carpet so i can't see it..
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    Greg Bernhardt

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    I used to use S-Video. Pretty cheap option. Linux compatibility is an issue for WiFi products.
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    Netflix and the like is an easy fix if your tv has HDMI get the GOOGLE's Chromecast for $35 !
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    if u have apple tv its used wireless on the mac and tv . theres probably an android application for the wireless connect
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