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How was this pronounced in 14th century native Spain?

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    guess: cologne?
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    That's what I thought...
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    A pronunciation site I found pronounces it "cool loan". No idea what that would imply for 14th century, though....
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    It's Colombus/Colon Day :)
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    Could this be a trick question? In the 14th Century there was no such place as "Spain". You had Castile, Aragon, Leon, Navarre, etc. Spain as a political unit didn't really exist until the late 15th century with the fall of Granada and the end of the Reconquista.
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    Maybe 15th cent Spain, or rather what became Spain, would be a better context.


    So it's perhaps best to consider how the name was pronounced in Castilla y León.
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    Sorry, that should have read '15th century', don't drink and post kids...

    The point was how 15th century Spanish pronounced 'Columbus' as being very similar to 'Colon', somewhat appropriate considering the kind of person he really was... and that's all ;)

    Hope you all had a great Fall Break!
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    I'm pretty sure Spanish-speaking people still call him Cristobal Colón, except when they're talking to English speakers in English.
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    Probably, the point being it was the people that knew him in the 15th century that first established him as 'Colon'. Don't look too deeply into this one guys, it's just simple humor and my kids thought was hilarious, I need to spend more time with adults...
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