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News How we can solve the problem of the terrorism

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    Of course there are many reasons for the terrorism..

    The reasons of the terrorism ( arranged )

    1- The Arab dictators ( presidents ) who rule Arabic countries.
    2- The Palestine problem
    3- The religious education in Saudi Arabia

    Who benefit from the terrorism !?
    Israel and the The Arab dictators are the only beneficiaries from the terrorism ....
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    I'm not sure that's the main reason for the IRA or ETA
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    would you clear that for me, are you saying Islam causes terrorism?!
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    dear drizzle,
    we want to find plan for solving the problem of the terrorism , that is why i wrote the reasons of the terrorism "arranged". If we discussed many, this mean we will waste our times.. I hope if you have any idea about " How we solve ?" , write it... and if you need any information about the history of the terrorism , tell me.. I work as writer and i read many about the terrorism, also i lived before in the middle east and i understand the situation very good.. now i hope you write "how we solve!?"

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    well, you must be stating these [reasons] out of research, would you mind to show any related to your third point!
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    I believe he says "religious education" there. Many terrorist orgs have been made up of religious extremists with not all, or even most, of them being muslim.
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    A common notion is the idea that (secular) education will uniformly reduce terrorism is problematic. It is actually possible to have the technological skills to build a nuclear weapon and still believe in these primitive superstitions.

    Furthermore, we forget to mention the top candidate for terrorism - the state.
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    Which state?
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    Secular education is not a silver bullet. It will however lead to a broader view of the world than spending years memorizing a 1500 year old religious tract. In the long term secular education can also help in reducing poverty, another contributing factor.

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    In this context I was thinking mostly about the U.S government, but should really apply to most or all governments.
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    Israel doesn't benefit from terrorism

    Hi mohd_adam! :smile:
    How does Israel benefit from terrorism? :confused:

    Israel loses lots of lives to terrorism, and has to spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually on security measures.

    And Israel's relations with the Palestinians have to be the opposite of what Israel would like, to achieve peace with them.

    Where is the benefit to Israel in any of that? :confused:
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    From what I understand in your post, you meant that in order to achieve peace with Palestinians, their relations with Israeliis has to be the opposite of what the Israeliis would like !!

    -from what I know about you, I know you didn't mean that, but I wanted to make sure- :)
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    Re: Israel doesn't benefit from terrorism

    That money goes into the pockets of he Israeli political structure though the settlement industry, and the arms and security industries which revolve around the occupation. As for the lives lost, the callous of the ruling class can console themselves with the fact that more Israelis die in car accidents than to the conflict. Besides, it's not like they live in Sderot, and when was the last time Israel lost anyone of prominence to terrorism? In my recollection that would be Rabin, who as I'm sure you know was assassinated by an extremist Israeli settler.

    Granted, I have no doubt that the majority of the Israeli population would benefit more from pursuing peace, but they aren't the ones running the show.
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    it might help is *ahem* certain countries didn't occupy middle eastern countries.
  16. Jun 12, 2009 #15
    That is an excellent idea, though unfortunately we have our own political structure which is heavily invested in continuing to do just that.
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    We have the silver bullet in our laptops, on our desktops, and in our hands, this instant communication with people all around the world, gives everyone the power to be informed in a timely manor and no longer be too much victims of slanted misinformation.

    This thread should be one small testament to the closeness of better days.:smile:

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    Fttt. Even some of us Kafir know what is inspired in Mosques and indoctrinated in small boys in Madras.

    You don't like terrorism? These are where it starts.

    You don't like occupation? These are the causes.

    You don't like tyrannical governments in the middle east? These are what enable them.
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    the nut shell of this problem is stated in three lines

    nice words
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    Terrorism is the resort of extremists who are otherwise powerless. Don't like abortion? Kill a doctor who performs abortion. Pretty simple.

    The idea that a country can declare and wage a "War on Terrorism" is absolutely ridiculous, and the idea is fit for a comic book, not for a cornerstone of foreign policy. Unfortunately, W and his posse enriched their buddies under just such an ignorant scheme, to the detriment of thousands of US troops who were killed or wounded and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who were killed, wounded, or made permanent refugees. Anybody care to guess how many Iragi Christians can never dare to return home for fear of being tortured and killed by their Shiite or Sunni neighbors? Saddam was a real jerk, but to his credit, he never allowed religious extremism to flower in Iraq, and as a result, Iraq was the most progressive Arab nation in terms of women's rights, etc.
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    Re: Israel doesn't benefit from terrorism

    What ruling class? :confused:

    Are you a Marxist who's just stepped out of a time machine? :biggrin:

    Israel isn't Victorian England, or modern Saudi Arabia. :rolleyes:

    Israel is a proportional-representation democracy, with members of parliament from all classes (including communist and Arab), whose voters are willing for the country to pay a high financial price for such things as health services and security. :approve:
    uhh? The security measures against terrorism are still a huge amount of money that has to come from the taxpayer, and can't be used for anything else.

    Before terrorism :smile:, the Israeli and Palestinian economies were interlinked, with great benefit to both of them. Terrorism has stopped all that, and has instead led to considerable financial burdens on both sides.
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