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How would i go about breaking an isopeptide bond?

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    Hi. i dont know alot about chemistry so bear with me.
    the bond is between a member of the carboxyl group and the amino acid lysine.
    as i understand i need an enzyme. what readily available enzyme would suffice?
    would protease work?
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    Your question doesn't make sense as presented. The peptide bond is between the amino functionality of an amino acid (lysine?) and the carboxy functionality of a different amino acid (also lysine?). The proteases as a class would be the enzyme you are looking for but HCl/heat would work as well. If you are looking for a lysine (lys) specific protease at the end of a peptide, http://www.roche-applied-science.com/pack-insert/1420429a.pdf" [Broken]would work.
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    nevermind. i got what i want. trypsin from the local health mart.
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