How would you make small metal copies of handheld objects?

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I want to make a unibody, durable version of the above that won't chaffe skin and survives/resists getting distorted even if you try to twist the metal hook loop. Basically I have the above device. I pulled an twisted on the hook and the hook ripped out. I'm looking to create perhaps a metal or other material version of it maybe using caste out of the existing one I have.

What kind of service, website, or machine do I need to find to make a unibody version of the above?

It is okay to make the hook thicker if it gives it more durability. Doesn't have to be unibody as long as the hook stays in place and doesn't twist. And preferably it should not flake or leave bits of it coming off.

If you google TLC Tugger, you will know it's purpose but that leads to a bit of an awkward situation going to the materials lab at university, not being a material student, and asking if I can make this object. Let's just be mature about this, keep it scientific, and not talk about the purpose of the device- just know that it has to be safe medically with skin contact and being lodged in a certain place for many hours at a time.


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At least the upper part of the cone cannot be too slippery or it will fall out. It has to have some traction without chaffing skin.

I don't know about what kinds of plastics, metals, or other materials would be suitable. In my ideal world, it has some softness but cannot be damaged or torn (so it could be solid metal or could be another material that can be twisted but 100% always goes back ot original)

Again let's just stick to the science and engineering about this issue. I, for one, consider this a medical device

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