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Homework Help: Huygens described light as a wave

  1. Nov 29, 2007 #1
    Ok, so Huygens described light as a wave. So my question is how does his wave theory explain the phenonmenon of dispersion? What happens when a wave of light hits a prism? How does while light split into the different colours os a rainbow?

    Also another question I have is about Maxwell's discription of light. The maxwell equations comprised of 4 imporant points:1) number of field lines is proportional to the charge,2) number of field lines leaving an about is 0,3) changing a charge induces a new magnetic field and 4) changing a magnetic field induces a new charge.

    my question is what feature of electromagnetic waves do polaroid sunglasses take advantage of? I mean how do polaroid lenses work in terms of electromagnetic waves?
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    They take advantage of the polarization of the EM wave.
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    umm..more explanation please..
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    Sorry, I'm not the expert here. I was hoping maybe that you just missed the fact that light does have a polarizing property (its wave is oriented along a particular axis). For a more in-depth explanation, you'll have to wait for the heavy-lifters around here to weigh in.
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    umm k thnkz anyway..Anyone else know the answer?
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    Have you tried to research this on your own yet? Look up polarization on your own to see if you can get the answer.
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    I did search on the net. Didn't use the word "polarization". Will try that. what about the 1st part of the question?
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